What Fender Bassman mods are good for an hollow body guitar ?

Hello ,

What modifications would you recommend for playing an hollow body guitar for a clean ,full, warm tone through a silverface 1969 Fender Bassman which has already been blackfaced ?



Have you used this combination? Is there something about it you don't like? I would have thought that if the amp is good, the guitar is good and the speakers are good then it's going to sound pretty good already! If there is a problem then that's when you start to address it!

Too much low-end? Not enough? not enough headroom?
JimmyR ,

The amp is fine but it's due for a new set of electrolytic filter capacitors and I was wondering if there are any mods the hollow body players use which I could try since the amp will be on the workbench anyway.


I would do the cap job along with a good set of tubes if it needs it then play through it before making any changes.


I agree. The amp will most likely sound fantastic.

The only mod may be to add a mid pot if it doesn't already have one.
You won't need it if the guitar has active EQ, and most acoustic pickups sound great.

It might be a good idea to bring both the amp and guitar to the tech so that he could give a quick listen after the cap job.


I'm no amp guru, but since you're using a hollowbody you might want to
have your tech mess w/ output coupling cap values, to find something
that maintains tighter bass response at higher volumes.

Of course, that's what the bass control is for .:)

Maybe put in a nice set of power tubes like the Phillips 7581s, which are
a more rugged/higher headroom 6L6. Military spec, if I remember correctly

Try a 5751 in the first preamp tube of the Normal channel, for a little
less gain than a 7025 and a smoother response.

RCA and GE are the more popular brands in NOS.

Blue Strat

Which amp circuit is this?

After doing a cap job and required maintenance (including setting the bias properly and using known good tubes) evaluate the amp and let us know what, if anything, you feel is lacking.

There are no generic mods for any amp/guitar combo because no 2 players have the same tonal desires.


The reason I am interested is because I play mainly hollow body guitars and also like Bassman amps. I have modded various amps to suit my taste and guitars. So let us know what you want! It's fun to help.

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