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What finish is used on 1993 Hamer guitars ????


Cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) urethane, not nitro or poly. To quote fellow TGPer Stike:
No nitro at all. I toured the shop a couple years back and being the paint geek I am I asked their finish man loads of detailed questions. Somewhere around 1991-1992 they switched from nitrocellulose lacquer clear coats to the actetate based lacquer/Urelac/McFaddens Urethane Guitar Lacquer/whatever you wanna call it but they were still shooting the toners with lacquer. Not sure when but the lac. has been replaced with acrylic colors, PPG's DBU line IIRC.


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I also think that a lot of the nitro fans wouldn't be able to discern nitro from "poly" if their Gear Page membership depended on it. ;)

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