What gear did you use on your NYE gig?


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I used my home-made Supro 1688Tn, Les Paul Classic, Thorn R/S and my pedal board loaded with an EB vol pedal, a Deluxe Memory Man, Timmy, Cry Baby and Okko Diablo (a few other pedals don't get much use).

Gig went well...but man...tight fit...we had a small horn section for two sets and my amp was wedged in a corner next to an ancient pot-belly stove!!


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It was a day or so before, but close enough (for me, ha ha). I used a Carr Imperial (discontinued 60 watt, "double Rambler" model) that I've been using for many many years with a succession of boosts/drives in front of it (EP Booster, Klon KTR, Fulldrive II Mosfet), a Lovepedal Karl Fuzz, a way huge Aqua puss for slapback and a Fulltone clyde wah. Only guitar I used was a Koll Superglide Almighty with Bigsby and TV Jones T-Armonds.

Mark Ray

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FSR Blues Junior w/greenback
Zemaitis "Ring"
PRS P22 (>LR Baggs Para>PA)
Pedalboard: Line6 G50>Dunlop 535Q>BOSS Tuner>Bondi Sick As>RYRA Klone>Visual Sound H2O (1st version)>Catilinbread Octapussy>Earthquaker The Depths>LovePedal Vibronaut>MXR 10-band eq


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American Tele
Paisley Drive, Carbon Copy Delay, Wampler Ego Compressor

I could play this combo for the rest of my life and be happy. We started out on a large outdoor stage for 2 hours, and then played the remainder of the night in a dive bar. It was a fantastic night.


I brought my '92 Marshall 6101 combo amp, Korg DL8000R in a 4 space rack, Zoom G9.2tt effects floor processor, 1990 Hamer Chapparal Elite 90 guitar, 1994 Hamer Diablo II guitar, and a Reverend Eastsider T with EMG T pickups/ SPC module. The Eastsider T is a new guitar in my collection and I played it out for 2 sets in my Top 40 cover band gig. The guitar plays well, sounds good with its new pickups, and doesn't have hum/buzz with the lights onstage. I had a fun gig last night.

Guitar George

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Our bass player had an earlier gig that overlapped with our later one, so I borrowed his Fender Dimension bass and his amp for our first set to fill in. Much as I love playing guitar, that first set was probably the most fun I've had on stage in a long time. Plus, it took all of 45 seconds to set up. :D I really need to get more bass gigs.

Second and third sets: Gibson Les Paul Standard with a Fralin P92 in the bridge and a Suhr Thornbucker in the neck and my Charvel-a-like with a Floyd for guitars. Amp: my brand-spanking new Fargen DBC-50, which rocked like a champ. Pedals: MXR Reverb in the loop, and pedalboard with an RMC10 wah, Phase 90, Mooer ElecLady, Xotic SP comp, and Timmy in front. Covers a ton of ground for our band, which covers lots of 80s-2010s tunes.

Tim Bowen

Larrivee LV-03E, Larrivee D-03 high-string, Michael Kelly Legacy FS-E mandolin, Gold Tone EBM-5 electric banjo, Supro six string lap steel, Latin Percussion egg shaker, Hohner plastic kazoo, AAP Phil Jones Cub AG-100 solid state amp, Xotic RC Booster, Xotic SP compressor, Xotic SL Drive, Mooer Hustle Drive, Paul Cochrane Timmy, Barber Gain Changer, ISP Decimator II, Analog Man ARDX20, Mooer Ana Echo, Diamond Quantum Leap, Strymon Flint, Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner.


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It's fun to hear what everyone was rockin' at the show....so many ways to get it done!

I played my '52 Hot Rod Tele into a Mini Z.....the board is Fulltone Fat Boost>Nocturne Nail Head tremolo>AquaPuss II>Boing reverb>Astro Tone fuzz. Big sounds that rocked hard. The guitar changes but the board and amp pretty much stay the same. :)

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