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What Gear Do You Regret Buying?


A little story...

I bought an old Kustom lookalike cabinet with bad speakers in it. I swore for a long time that I'd buy new speakers for it, but it just sat around the house... Since it was green in color, my wife named it the Green Monster... it just ate up space :nono. I was sorry I ever bought it.

Fast forward to recently, when I bought a way-too-big-for-a-pedalboard case (dimensions were 34" x 27"--yikes!). I tried and tried to make it work as a pedalboard, but it was just so freaking heavy. My wife said, "Is this gonna be like another Green Monster?"

Happy ending: I finally traded it over today for a small pedalboard case and another smaller case for my new hard drive. I'm a happy camper now. No more back problems :)... at least not from gear.

I'd love to hear similar stories from anybody who has or has sold something they wish they'd never bought in the first place. I know you're out there!


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For me it was an Engl Fireball amp, great amp for metal, but that's it. I expected it to be more versatile than it was.

I also regretted getting a DSL Chorus-Vib. I found I really don't use Chorus that much to justify its cost and I seem to be one of the few who didn't like it and thought it sounded digital.


Chorus... I've been leaning away from that now that the nineties are over (or now that the eighties are over, you could argue)... What's the 'new chorus'? (As in, brown is the new black.) I'd bet that tremolo could be the new chorus. Thanks for sharing, guys!


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MXR Zakk Wylde OD.
Vox Tonebender (a reissue from the 80's or something... This was before I knew ANYTHING about pedals. I paid $120 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for it, and I can see them any time of the day on ebay for no more than $70 in MINT condition... I get so pissed about it! )


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I traded a Bassman 100 with a gigantic original matching 4X12 cab for a Roc Pro 1000. it seemed to make sense at the time since it was portable and the same wattage. ugh.


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I traded a Bassman 100 with a gigantic original matching 4X12 cab for a Roc Pro 1000. it seemed to make sense at the time since it was portable and the same wattage. ugh.


I only buy stuff that I want. The only stuff I regret is the stuff that is bought on impulse and causes a financial strain between paydays.


Hmm, I have to say nothing really, some I liked better than others but I do reseach a lot before I spend.


At first, I regret the road case I bought, because I decided to not go with such a large playing pedalboard. Later, I realized I could put my pedaltrain and cables inside, and now it's perfect.

I've been trying to sell this EBS Dynaverb reverb for months. They sell new for 250 and I can't sell this thing for 150, there's nothing wrong with it, and it sounds great, I just don't need reverb. Kinda wish I didn't still have it.

I wish I hadn't sold my first DL4. Every DL4 I've tried since then has had problems, I even tried to buy my old one back from the guy I sold it to.

Kinda wish I had kept my Avatar cab since it was a great cab and I didn't get that much for it when I sold it.

Anything else I have regret buying I've probably sold. Some of the stuff I sold inside a week of buying:
Keeley TR2 Tremolo
Antelope Morning Dew
Retroman Sybil
Line 6 MM-4 Modulation Modeler
Boss RC-2 Loop Station
Marshall Jackhammer
Guyatone MC-3 Chorus
ZVEX Ooh Wah
Akai Headrush
Electro Harmonix SMMH

Rob Eadgbe

I've bought some gear that didn't work with my rig, or rigs as it were, but I'm not sure I've ever regretted buying anything gear related.


Boss PH-3. It was my first pedal other than a wah and overdrive. I thought a phaser would be cool, but I had no idea how to use it for about a year. And now that I do know how, I don't like the sound...just not for me.


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