what guitar have you had the longest or will never sell?


My 1988 PRS CE24 stays. It will go to my son when I die. It's not the guitar I play regularly (I'm a strat man) but I love playing it and it sounds amazing! That one's the keeper.


I've had this one since Christmas '85. It was quite a pleasant surprise.

Thanks Mom!



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Waited too long and searched very hard. This one will be passed on through the family.



'63 Strat owned since the mid-70's.
Everything I have is for sale for the right price.
My kids are out on their own now, but I would have cut a nice deal on the pair on the right day.

I've never understood the "they'll bury me with this guitar" thing either since I first heard it 30+ years ago. Come to think of it, Joe said it about his '54 Goldtop and '54 Strat. I wonder if he ever recovered......
:eek: :D


My kids are out on their own now, but I would have cut a nice deal on the pair on the right day.
There are days I think about selling my kids. But the child welfare authorities frown on such things. Maybe I can trade them for a dog or something.

Threadwise, the first two objects out of the house in case of fire or natural disaster would be acoustic guitars--a 1929 Martin 00-28 and a Wayne Henderson 000-42. Other acoustics would follow.
But I'll never sell my '66 Fender Tele Frankencaster. I've had it since 1983, and I paid $250 for it. It's been stripped and rather badly refinned to a natural, the neck is from a '74 and some of the other parts are non original.
Rosewood fretboard aside, it looks quite a bit like Bruce Springsteen's Esquire.
On some level, its lack of originality kind of annoys me--especially since I could have bought a much cleaner guitar for what I spend on pedals and strings today.
I think I've hit on a plan. Buy a replacement maple neck (while stashing the original, of course) and turning it into a true Bruce/Esquire clone.



The second guitar I have ever owned is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Since Epis are generally a hit and miss brand, I definitely picked up a guitar that has caused me a bunch of problems, mainly with the input jack being loose and pickups giving out. After having SEVERAL repairs done on it over the years, it has finally been tamed, and i've used it as my "beater" guitar. I've played the bejeezus out of it, and over the years I have grown quite attached to it. My main guitar is a Gibson SG Standard, and I recently purchased another Epiphone LP as a backup, as I would like to retire the Studio LP from gigging as I can't bear to play it to death (literally!)
Danny and I were friends since the late 70's. My 355 had seen a lot of use and the pots started to get really scratchy. I was going to bring the guitar up to New Jersey to have a friend who was a luthier change the pots and do a few other maintenance items. When I mentioned this to Danny he said he could do it in about an hour, and so one Saturday afternoon I drove out to his place with the guitar. Changing the pots in a 335 is bad. Changing them in a 355 is worse, because of the inductor for the Varitone and the set of shields that protect the pots from interference. It took us a couple of hours to get the pots out, and by that time Danny was pretty mad. We went out to do a beer run, and came back with a couple of cases of beer. Getting the new pots in wasn't any easier, especially since we started drinking pretty seriously. In order to fiddle with the wiring harness we pulled the bridge pickup. We finally got the guitar back together, which was pretty amazing considering we were both pretty drunk. When we put the pickup back in it was backwards and neither of use was coherent enough to notice. I always intended to pull the pickup and put it back in correctly, but I never got around to it. After Danny died I decided to leave it the way it was as a way of remembering him.

From a guy who was merely an acquaintance of Danny's-that sounds like a Southern Maryland lets get drunk and fix it story and sounds just like Danny with a fairly large buzz on...



I don't know but I can say this. At the beginning of last year I had 7 Stratocasters, I now have 4 and I've rotated the entire stock. I'm very happy with these, 1966 Stratocaster, 2006 EJ Stratocaster, 2006 Partocaster Gold Metalflake and 1998 Cunetto Era 50's Relic. I honestly couldn't be happier between those 4 guitars for Strats.


I will NEVER sell my mid 80's Squier Stratocaster. It's a Japan-made model and it's just the sweetest guitar I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I've bought US models and wound up selling them because they never got played. It's my go-to guitar. It has Vintage Noiseless pickups and for some reason they work in that particular guitar...they seem to offset the darkness of the basswod. To be honest, the original japan single coils, although really lousy, even sounded good in that guitar.


My dream guitar... 73 Tele - neck replaced twice, and the body once... Essentially, we will never part....


Longest: 1979 Les Paul Custom (bought mid 80s)
Never Sell: 1969 Les Paul Deluxe (bought 2004)


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Longest and I guess at this point never sell
79 Les paul doublecut with P90s



I would like to sell none of 'em ,but they're all for sale if need be.
It's great to read everyones guitar stories ,especially this time of year.So many common experiences,throwin papers,mowin lawns,workin in factories or gifts from mom & pop because they knew how much it meant to ya.

My parents were NOT into us boys becoming musicians,but I remember my dad goin around to music stores in 1970 because my oldest bro wanted a fuzztone

My dad bought me this guitar in Detroit when I was in the 10th grade.Horrible rod ,but I learned a lot of stuff on it tryin to play along with Montrose,Albert King,Skynyrd ,Lizzy.It left me in a gear trade in '84,but came back some how last year

My senior year o' high school my parents got me this dog ass heavy '79 Strat that the woman is holding,at Guitar Center in Chicago.They thought I was fairly serious about playin the instrument and they felt kinda bad that I was goin to 3 high schools in 3 time zones.My 1st good guitar anyhow

Unfortunately,I've parted that guitar out over the years ,trading the body to Fatdog for a light re-re-finned '72 body.Sold the skinny neck,replaced with an allparts FAT nexk.I only have the neck pickup ,tuners and the neck plate from the guitar my parents bought.What a rotten kid!



This one I bought in 1986. I was wandering through Milanos in Mesa and spotted it. First time I had ever seen a rosewood Tele. They had got it that day and I bought it on the spot. It was my number one gigging guitar in my C&W years. I will die with it in my hands!

Still has original pickups, frets and pots. I did have to replace the switch about 3 months ago. This guitar weighs in at about 8 1/2 lbs.


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