What guitar is the most “EVH guitar” in your opinion?


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Do the current Wolfgang Specials not have the USA Wolfgang pickups?
No. If memory serves, I had an exchange with someone from EVH who confirmed they are non-USA copies of the USA pickups.

Found the email:

”The slugs on the USA pickup are about a 32nd above the bobbin.
Sonically no difference.

USA WG Pickups w/ beveled slugs
WG Special/Standard/Striped Series pickup (non bevel)

This is true the pickups that are in the Special are the exact same spec as the ones in the USA version.”

So, same specs—except for the slugs (so, not really the same)—but not made in the USofA.


It will always be a single humbucker, single volume, Floyd equipped Strat thing. So much so that everyone made one.
I bought my 86 Ibanez RS410 right after he died. It's clearly a tribute to his huge influence on that style of guitar. Ibanez put their Edge trem on it and even slanted the bridge pickup. Being that I prefer Ibanez from the 84-86 era, it was black and $350 (affordable MIJ) it was a win/win/win. It's an awesome guitar, and doesn't carry the EVH-lightning-in-a-bottle stigma of playing a version of the Stripe guitars when in front of an audience.
I went as far as to stop the trem for pulling up and installed a D-Tuna, as those EVH approved things also work for me.
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"Do the current Wolfgang Specials not have the USA Wolfgang pickups?"

No, but I really don't hear that much of a difference, Just the ones I like to play have them, so I swap when I can.


What I played when I used to do pretend Eddie is my heavily customized 88 HM Strat. Tuned to Eb has a Floyd (upgrade from Kahler Spyder) and some Tom Andersons HSH. Always on the bridge pup of course. I would pick the first guitar he used on VH1 as the most Eddie of all of them.

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