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What happened to Allen Amplification?

Tiger Ted

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Also, Allen's web site does not use a secure https connection so data is not encrypted. Anything you would enter would not be secure. Not that they request any sensitive information as I recall. You have to call David to place an order. So there's no real risk. And I grant this is irrelevant to the original question but as long as we were on the topic I thought I'd toss it in.


I got the viagra site when I used Google and hit the Allen url which is weird because I was on the Allen site a few weeks ago.
When I manually type in the Allen URL and hit enter, I get Allen's site.
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Clouds yell at me
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The bookmark I've always used is working fine.

There is something there about a Hot Blonde though, so you might need some viagra. :dunno Or not, depending!


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Between the Brown Jugs, Brown Sugar and Hot Blonde amps, Hot Fudge with Nuts, the Sweet Spot, the Classic 10. .. . I can't see why it might be mixed up with porn.... .Let's see maybe the viagra ads because Allen amp are associated with older guys, and Friedman can get away with his Brown Eye, Pink Taco, etc because of the younger crowd?? Maybe I'm reading too much into this.

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