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What happened to Steve Clark's guitars?


Steve Clarks guitars kind of got lost - maybe Phil Collins has a few but he's not saying - but like most things in Clarks life his guitar were in disarray - he probably didn't know where most of them were - I think the majority of them were stored in Def Leppard's warehouse.
Steve must have owned a lot of guitars and been very generous. How nice of him to give the 'Buster' star Phil Collins a few.


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Huh? Are you joking?

Last time I saw Phil was on some show (not sure how long ago it was recorded) where he was showing off his guitars and his karate moves. He had rock hard abs.
Sarcasm is a thing!
His trem equipped Les Pauls were some of the most distinct in the 80's. Would be cool to see them again. He had a troubled life but it's still sad to see such talent go like that.

If the Rockman could pull off the solo tone in the Hysteria song without studio tinkering, I think a lot of axemen missed out on a fine piece of gear.
That was the end for me with DL! I like their songs but I had a Rockman and was forced to use headphones to practice for a long while so I grew to really hate that sound. So when that record came out it was unlistenable to me. I blame producer Mutt Lang for that horrible tone!


Thanks for that. I wonder who wrote it.

I don't know who, but you can try messaging them on Facebook, they also say they have posted a story about the strat. Lots of other posts, pics and info.

Another person Blair Connors?, in the comments, claims to have one of his three black LPC. But that was 3 years ago. Who knows?.


I read an interview where Phil Collen said the only genuine amp that appears on Hysteria is one he used at the beginning of the song "Animal." He said something along the lines of "I really leaned into it to get feedback." Everything else is from a Rockman, as others have pointed out.

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