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What happened with Elvis, did he sell out?


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I like Chuck better as well, but there is no denying that Elvis was the "Big Bang"
as Bono once said.
I am not trying to take some opinion of mine that Chuck Rulz and Elvis Droolz. I am saying that future lookbacks will feature Chuck Berry more than Elvis because of Chuck’s far greater overall importance. Elvis will be mentioned as a door opening guy that got Rock n’ Roll to crossover. But rock n’ roll? That’s Chuck Berry.

I am watching what is happening with The Beatles right now - No, nothing is remotely challenging their hold on Rock n’ Roll primacy ;), but within The Beatles‘s popularity, we are seeing that: a) John’s jerkiness is getting noted more; but far more importantly, b) George’s songs are out-streaming a lot of John’s and Paul’s. I am a diehard Lennon fanboy so this has all been weird to see. But George is getting his due and his post Beatles albums are streaming superwell, too - as an artist, his star continues to rise.

I would not be surprised if future historians feature George in a more prominent way, vs. the tag-along to the Great Duo who ended up finding his own voice.

Rusty Dutch

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He just got dated.

Elvis didn’t sell out, because he sold out from day one... borrowed the soul and rock n roll from Little Richard, which maybe makes his early output look a little more authentic to those who’d not seen the connection.

Looking at his output from a distance, Elvis was quite clearly only in it for the money from day one (arguably had to be because of the horrendous financial fisting his manager was giving him) - the films were dire, and in retrospect much of Elvis’ catalog is complete guff. He didn’t really write songs, and basically has no artistic credibility whatsoever.

Great singer and performer though. Some of his vocal performances on his better tunes are absolutely spectacular. I got a lot of time for Elvis, above notwithstanding.
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There was no one before Elvis to set an example for him to follow, he was the prototype rock star.
He had one idol who set a prototype for him even if said idol wasn't exactly a rocker---Frank Sinatra. Whose 1950s comeback was what Elvis's should have become in the 1960s. Sinatra's comeback was within his complete control. Elvis's was within Tom Parker's complete control. And before anyone says, "Well, Frank Sinatra didn't get stuck with a Col. Parker," how about we remember there was nothing holding a gun to Elvis's head forcing him to keep the Chicken Colonel anywhere except on a leash?

(Did anybody bother telling Elvis that, before the Colonel got his meathooks into him, country legend Eddy Arnold dumped Parker not because---as the rather private Arnold often said---"The Colonel was a flashy man, I'm a very conservative man," but because Parker fleeced Arnold blind? And if anyone did, did Elvis take his head out of his ass long enough to listen and heed?)

All things considered (and everyone else can knock it off with the humble country boy bit, Elvis wasn't that humble), the real shock is that Elvis didn't up and sh!t-can Parker the moment he realised Parker was cheating him blind and maneuvering him into an Army that was actually in no big hurry to have him. His Army stint ended up costing him valuable career momentum and left Parker room enough to finish maneuvering him from Elvis the Pelvis to Elvis the Prat.


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In seventh grade I took my first date to see the documentary Elvis In Las Vegas. I was already playing guitar and was so fascinated I almost forgot about my little chubby in my pants.


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All of your questions were answered by Elvis himself back in the 70s.

The entire Branson, MO, entertainment industry was built on the same concept.

It is much more profitable for the crowd to come to you. He was the first performer to sign million dollar contracts in Vegas.

And, apparently, Parker did not own a globe. Elvis' tours had him criss-crossing the country in a rather haphazard route continuously. The TCB Band members have recounted stories of how grueling those tours were.

He also related that he hired Bill Belew to design stage costumes that allowed the most freedom of movement and still be stylish for the day. Elvis always thought his neck was too long. So, he requested the high collar for whatever design at which Belew arrived.

It's OK if some of you don't like him. He is still the best best selling solo artist of all time - (only surpassed by The Beatles in the overall category.) He is on track to pass The Beatles as he currently outsells them today. This includes all genres of music. His material is continually re-releasing. He just had the #1 record in Europe in SEPTEMBER 2020!!!!!!!

One bit of trivia for you: Elvis never played to a non sold out show.......never!


#1 record in Europe in SEPTEMBER 2020
Do you have a source for this claim? I was curious to find out why this would be the case and couldn't find any information about it. If this is true, it says a lot about the music industry and the demographic that is still buying albums, generational wealth gap notwithstanding.


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I will have to find it. They were talking about it on Elvis Radio on Sirius about two weeks ago when Mac Davis died. I will find out and post it.

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