What has been your best guitar purchase here on TGP?


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This is mine. It's a 1996 Orville LP Special. I believe it went through a couple pairs of hands here on TGP before it made it to me about 7 years ago. At some point, a previous owner installed a Harmonic Design bridge P90, and a Thorn GT90 neck P90.

This guitar is nearly perfect in every way for me. It's one of those guitars that, for me, your hands always feel like they're in the right place. It's just wonderful to play and it sounds glorious.

How about you?



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A one off Swaim Les Paul, all handmade. I bought it as a carcass.. added Zhangbuckers, figured out a tuneamatic that had lower height and had it refretted and the fingerboard planed and sanded because the seller wasn’t up front with me on the neck....body and neck are Korina with a solid 3/4” maple stop. Turned out to be an Amazing guitar in spite of the bridge and neck hassles....
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my one and only was an all black 2010 PRS USA TREMONTI signed by mark. A TGP’er let it go for for less than half retail price. I’d never seen one in a store to even try it. But I wanted a souped up single cut. I took a chance and have been over the moon ever since. I love the wide/thin neck. The pickups blow anything I’ve used out of the water. And they clean up well.


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I've bought lots of wonderful guitars here, Artinger, Soloway, Forshage, Malinoski, Cardinal, Gibson, Fender, etc.

There are others who build and sell/post here I'd love to purchase from.


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There have been many great purchases here!

It wouldn’t be fair to some of the great sellers to forget to mention them!

I’ve purchased guitars, amps, effect pedals, pickups and parts and only had one frustrating experience, that had nothing to do with the seller.


I think I've only bought two guitars here. Both winners...

Koa Anderson...

Quilted Tele style...

Make that 3! Forgot that I got the Kirn Paulownia here...

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Tim Plains

I ordered this directly from Dan, then like an idiot, declined it when I saw the finished product for some stupid reason. He sold it to a reseller who listed it here a few months later. Fate was calling. Paid $100 or $200 more that what it would have cost me originally.


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