What is common practice for solo-ing over minor blues?


I honestly think that in most cases, learning AC/DC helps you play minor blues/blues better than learning Louis Armstrong.

I honestly cannot off the top of my head think of a jazz song that's just straight 1-4-5 minor without being modal, but ... I'm not thinking that hard either.

I was watching an Angus interview (a Dutch interview I think) and he said he took some licks off of Louis Armstrong.

Angus grew up with Louis and a lot of other stuff due to his family.

The interview is this one at 21:58

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Ed DeGenaro

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Could be a sub, but it is Highly unlikely, and I certainly don't hear, Otis Rush or his band using that, the 5 in major. There is no major sound to it, to my ear. Playing a M7 note of the home key over that would sound wrong in a lot of situations.

It is pretty common, and I do it a lot, to play the bVI as a 9, keeping that 9 as a common tone, drop down to a V#9.
However, that is different than playing the V as a minor.

They are both valid.
Let me try my view this way… the 5 in minor as a minor chord still fills a dominant function.
Whether I use that or any of the other available ways I could use any of the subdominants to stand in for the dominant function or the actual dominant chord is mostly a matter of choice.

As for the 3 in the 5 or the keys 7 or b7 I most always hear 7#9 as more of a minor than dominant sound so the b3 or #9 if you prefer for me are the go to.

As for the bVI that to me is without a doubt a sub for a II7b9+


FWIW my favorite minor blues is Since Ive Been Loving You by Led Zep. Thats where Id start, and likely end but, Im a Jimmy Page fan.

Ive recently been studying Robben Fords version of Help the Poor too. Learned the solo and trying to insert into some of my solos. Getting a ton of milage from it.


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Have you studied The Thrill Is Gone ? Can’t think of many more fruitful ways to spend time with a guitar.
Learning the intro to that song taught me so much about feel and dynamics. When I need a refresher on what playing with huge dynamics is, that's the song I put on.

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