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What is everyone's thoughts on Tim Henson's "Boomer Bends" comment?


I was reading this Guitar World article earlier about the backlash of the comments that Tim Henson received over the phrase "boomer-ish bends":

Sadly not surprisingly, a lot of people took great offense to that.

I'm not the biggest Polyphia fan although I have to respect what they did with their song about Tom Brady, but I understand what he is saying here. For the past 4-5 years, I have tried to minimize bends and intentionally NOT bend certain notes unless a song specifically calls for it - like the third for example. It's not that they don't sound good, because let's face it many of the greater guitarists have used bends for years and we still love their music. But by removing bends, it forces me to not sound like "just another Jimmy Page" clone and by removing things I played for years, it forces me to be more original.

Of course I have taken this far beyond limiting bends, but bends was something I could easily remove from my playing to avoid certain nuances in my playing.

Mr. Crow

I'm 61yo, and I think it's fantastic. I watched some of his playing after I read this article, and it's very, very interesting. I love that the new generation of players are forging their own way. Now, I'm not going to start to listen to his band, Polyphia, probably not quite what I'm wanting, but there is undeniable skill and imagination.

I've been watching a young woman on YouTube for a couple of months now, her name is Yvette Young, and she is just great, a very different approach than an old guy like me, but she plays beautifully and creates truly beautiful, original music. She seems to be from the same school as Tim Henson.
The level of outrage was kinda funny to me. Musicians, especially self-taught musicians, have to create all kinds of short-hand within a band to describe arrangements. There is a long history of this with phrases like "take it to church" (as in, feel the spirit, go gospel, go double time, just keep speeding up till the song ends). I've been in so many groups that used really goofy, specific slang to refer to an arrangement or part.

I don't think there really needs to be a lot of think pieces about boomer bends. but it would be funny if GHS issued some sort of corporate apology on instagram and rebranded their strings. :rotflmao


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My observation has been that indie rock in general
avoids bends. Calling them Boomer Bends makes perfect sense to me. It’s like admonishing a guitar player for playing blues licks. Sometimes certain things are to be avoided.

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