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What is the best 2x12 cab you've owned or heard?

M@tt C

Silver Supporting Member
I'm still surprised how good my EVH 5150 III sounds for a "non-boutique" cab. I swapped the G12H30s out for G12M25s and it's just killer with my Friedman Runt 50.


Gold Supporting Member
Mine is a Mojotone 2x12 I bought from Matt O'Ree, and seems to be based on a Marshall 1936. I liked it, but didn't love it until I installed a pair of '70's Blackbacks. I normally use it with a '70's Traynor YBA1 head modded by Billy Penn to be a bit more "Marshally" and to internally permanently jump the inputs.

I don't get to play this rig much any more, but I'll confess to taking some less lucrative gigs just because they were on larger open stages where I could get past "2" on the amp. By the way, I never would have sought out a purple cab, but I like it. (PS, yeah, that's a Variax in the pic. No, I don't gig that any more).


Silver Supporting Member
Mesa 3/4 Back 2x12 (Mesa Black Shadow 90’s—UK Celestion made). Love it so much that I purchased a 2nd one. The more it’s pushed, the better it sounds. Awesome cab for live use!

2nd would be Port City OS Wave cab. I have 2. One with Weber Silver Bell speakers and I forgot what are in the other one. Both sound equally great.
Hah!! This is almost exactly what I came here to say, except for the Weber Silver Bell! My Port City OS had WGS ET65s


Gold Supporting Member
Dr. Z Z-best.

I liked the first one so much I bought a second:

(A) 1x Vintage 30 + 1x G12H30
(B) 2x Weber Gray Wolf

Either way, punchy and loud. It truly does approach the feel of a full 4x12.


Gold Supporting Member
Regular Vox Handwired with alnico blue from the rehearsal space next door.
Something special is happening. I want one.


My 1980's marshall jcm800 50w lead series 2x12, took the amp out and blanked up the slot. Half closed back and fitted with two chinese greenbacks, that I personally broken in from new.

I've had many compliments from other players who have heard it or played through it.
I have Friedman 212 (v30's) & Marshall 2061cx (70th Anniversary's) which sound great--if I had only one to choose from, Bogner Helios oversized cab with a V30 & Creamback would probably be it;



Platinum Supporting Member
Germino oversized 2x12 with vintage 30s. I used it with a Germino Lead 55. It was an awesome combination of power and might.



It's a toss up between these two cabs.

Marshall 2061cx w/ two 30 Watt, Celestion G12H reissue speakers - sounds/looks great IMO

vs this Mesa 2x12 Recto with V30s - This one is slightly larger and sounds HUGE. Also has 120w capacity.

they both have 2 16 ohm speakers for an 8 ohm load. I've considered swapping out one speaker in each and having a V30/G12H mix in each cab, but that would then lower the Mesa to 60w max capacity vs the current 120w.

Chuck King

I’ve got two for different applications. One is an open-back Avatar with Celestion G12H30s in it. Its wired for 8 ohms and I use it with my smaller amps. I really like running my Deluxe Reverb through it, or I have an old Vox Night Train that’s a cool little amp. Then I have a Peavey 212SX, an early 80s old school indestructible Peavey with Scorpions. I like Scorpions a lot, and I say that after a side-by-side shoot-out with a bunch of well-respected Celestion, Eminence, WGS and Jensen speakers. That’s a 4 ohm cabinet, perfectly suited to my Bassman (my favorite amp) and Dual Showman Reverb.

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