What is the best amp you have ever played??


So far, I'm really liking my vht special 6 ultra with a 6v6. A super bedroom friendly amp. If I could mic it up, I would also take it on stage. I also wouldn't mind taking the new marshall dsl40c-r amp on stage either. I like the marshall tone. Ultimately, as long as the amp sits well in the mix, I wouldn't care what amp I was playing.


You just forced me into being interested in checking one of these out. Be cool if you did a NAD thread on your Royal Atlantic after you've had some more time with it.
By the way, are the cleans Marshally too? Just asking for a friend whose favorite cleans are Plexi cleans.
It would be cool but it'll never happen. I'm not confident enough in my playing to share with the interwebs… I'm not a great player but I know what I like and don't like when I hear it. And I'll be honest, I just got a Mesa compact 2x12 rectifier cab and it's very different from my Thiele 1x12...I'm still figuring it out. But that head through the Thiele is amazing. As far as the cleans go, the clean channel to my ears is more Fenderish. Deep and warm. That being said, the Lo channel is nicely touch sensitive and turning down the guitars volume gets it pretty Marshall clean...at least what I think of as Marshall clean. I loved the clean on my Vintage Modern, I thought it was wonderful. Great pedal platform. This isn't a Marshall clone, but it does a nice rendition of a British style amp with it's own thing going on. Seriously, switching between the channels give you so much ground I can't imagine anything doing more at the price point you can find them for.


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Today I am going to call out the HPTT, 57 Custom Twin Amp, the 57 Twin Amp and the Twinolux as being best for today, my HPTT arrived and I pulled out the other twin tweeds to join and just having a ball and spin, I don’t think we give the tweed Twins enough love, they are just too awesome. I haven’t even brought out the Bandmaster and Bassman, there’s going to be a shootout and lots of fast draw in the next couple of weeks amongst tweed amps. So for those weeks, these are my best.
I need to check out a High Powered Tweed Twin. I have never done so.


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I have tried/tested a few nice amps in my time. Nothing vintage or classic. So, I know there's a lot I have not experienced. But I have played some nice boutique amps.

If I could afford it, I would buy as many amps as I could. Since I am a working musician, I can't do that. I have to get super picky. I have passed on great amps, waiting for the ones that REALLY speak to me. The ones that agree and accentuate what I already bring to the table.

The first amp I HAD to have was the Fuchs ODS Classic. It took some researching, but I am glad I own one now. As I was paying for it, I stumbled upon a Soldano SLO 100. Holy sh!t!!!

Yeah, that amp is all kinds of great. I must own one some day. I look forward to seeing what BAD is going to do with them. That sound haunts my dream. Completely impractical for my purposes, though.


It's by far the most expensive amp I've ever owned or played, but my Milkman Pint is perfection. It is so beautiful clean, amazing reverb, great breakup sound, and takes pedals amazingly. As far as home playing and maybe a small bar gig it's perfect. Once I get into recording I suspect it will be amazing for that as well.

Szabo Wabo

Best amp I’ve ever played through was a 1971 Super Lead that was modified by Todd Langner. The tone was ridiculous...SO good. But even better was that big, bouncy feel through a 4x12. I played through it 25 years ago and the experience is still lodged in my mind. I recently had a chance to buy that amp, but the timing wasn’t right for me (divorce, reduced worker’s comp income from a broken arm, etc). Unfortunately, Todd stopped making/modding amps some years ago. Much more unfortunately, he passed away a couple years ago. For me, that amp will always be the one that got away.


Just going to add/update...I recently stumbled over a Mesa Royal Atlantic which I've always wanted to get ahold of. Gave up my Marshall's (which I felt each did one thing very well and a couple of things pretty good and then a couple of other things ok) and went for it based on how much I enjoy my Five:25 and the power soak options for home use. Each channel is balls. Clean is impressive and the Hi/Low channel emulates the best of what I want from a Marshall but with a voicing I actually enjoy across the board. No harsh mids, no heavy tweaking, gets heavy as Efff but still can clean up like no one's business... I actually have a very hard time finding ANY bad tones in this thing. Honeymoon still in effect but so far.... best amp move I've ever made.
Very good sounding amp . I test drove several while Tele shopping . I enjoyed them .


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No right answer comes to mind. Too many that are perfect for what they do or what I’m digging at the time.


60s Super Reverb. I always like them best with the volume on 5 or 6. They'd get that lovely singing quality without too much distortion or compression. Any sort of pedal was only needed when you had to keep the volume below that level. Unfortunately, these days that volume is often way too much for clubs and resorting to a pedal was always a bit of a buzz kill for me, ie: here you have this great amp, but what's coming out doesn't really sound like it.


At a jam last year, I got to play through this purple Marshall half stack... can't remember what it was, maybe an MG100HDFX... but wow, that highly impressed me. The recordings sound massive.

On the smaller end of things, there's been this cool old Peavey Bandit my singer has been letting me use during practice that has consistently turned my head.


For an all out metal tone it would be the Engl Inferno I played my ESP M-II through (with BK Aftermath Pickups) when I bought it.

that is a glorious sounding amp.

Other tones....other amps, but that one really stuck out to me.
And I bumped into a great deal on a minty used one today.

Mine! (In a week when it comes off hold anyway)

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Mesa TC-50 and Goodsell Super 17 MkIII are two personal favorites. One because of the ridiculous amount of variety you get in the TC-50 and the Goodsell for it's incredible break-up and smooth tremolo.

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