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What is the best Combo amp for all around gigging clubs


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Really tough to beat a DRRI or the 68’ CDR. Big upgrade over the HRD, reasonably priced, and reliable.


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It;s looking like a Carr Rambler is the direction I am going to try
I suspect you'll be pleased with the amp. Over the years I've tried 5881's to see if I could get power tube breakup happening but as it turned out I realized only a little bit of edge of break-up at painful vol. levels. The Ramblers ability to take various OD box's in and give an accurate voice out is legendary. For 70's Stones grind I use a Catalinbread SFT to get that nice Ampeg grind and a Marshall Bluesbreaker type box for edge of breakup at useable vol.; both will clean up nicely w/a guitar vol. rollback. I now use Tung Sol new production 6L6's and they preform very nicely. I did put a WGS 12 G/CS 12" speaker I had on the shelf from a PRII I sold, it's a very nice speaker for that amp - I had the old original Wizard speaker from the first release of the amp, newer Ramblers have the Elsinore speaker now that gets a lot of love on this forum from owners. New or used you'll find the Rambler to be a reliable and flexible F-viced amp that do a lot of things very well.


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I've usd a Fender DR and Vox AC15 in the past to good effect.

Loved the Maz38 suggestion...not sure what the weight of it is. Love the amp for that stuff though.

If I was doing it today, I think I'd grab a Louis Electric Columbia with a dirt pedal. Love that little amp.

Put a pair of 6L6 tubes in the Columbia and you've got the required watts and tone.


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Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb if 22W is enough, Tone Master Twin Reverb if you need more volume and/or more headroom.

Thye sounds great. Super light. Power Scaling. Direct Out.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


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I have a 70's silverface DR and a Dr Z Cure. They are sort of similar but some differences. The Z sounds better at lower volumes and the EQ is more tweak able to get a little "meaner" tone, cannot get as loud as the DR.

If I can get the DR's volume to 3.5 or 4, it's just such a classic great sounding amp. But at 4, it's pretty freaking loud, too loud for most of the clubs I play in so the Z has been really working out in that regard and I love how it sounds too.

My DR has been overhauled with Jupiter caps and British flavored Weber speaker, so it's a little different but I love it.


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I Just want to get the best all around Combo 1 X 12...Let me know I want a new combo that is a workhorse that sounds great. One last thing because I think clean is important I think that she should be at least 30-50w and take pedals well.

For me that's a George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe. The 12at7 instead of a 12ax7 gives it more clean headroom than other HRDs making it an ideal platform for pedals. The pine cab makes it lighter and the Celestion Century Vintage Neo I put in it makes it lighter still. The whole combo is around 38 lbs.

Paired with my Fractal Audio FX8 or the new FM3 it can do any tone you want. The effects loop allows you to run a multi-effects device in the four cable method putting drive ahead of the preamp and time based effects in the loop.

I'm really happy with mine as a gig rig.



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mesa Fillmore 50 combo. same weight as deluxe reverb, great tone, super versatile, built well. I got one in 2019 and gigged the crap out of it in a cover band doing everything from disco and funk to EVH.


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Louis Electric Deltone Reverb. Every guitar sounds great through it and it will suit any style of music. Highly recommend!

WOW just watched the video on this amp, NICE.

I have a Rivera era fender deluxe 2 heavy but I dig it but it has that fender tone but there is somthing missing, that can be better, Then My Rivera Venus, Sounds great but both are heavy. The Venus is good but I feel like I am fighting the amp to dial in the correct tone as I goes from clean to crunch using the master, Generally I have the master up to 9 and the volume on 3 the clean tone is great but heavy as a tank. I am thinking Carr Rambler Just waiting to find one at the right price shipped, The good is I am not in a hurry


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Dam! 30 minutes to late. BFDR was what you needed. You can always sell the Rambler. Save the box.


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I own a ‘62 Brown Fender Vibrolux (1x12 & 30 watts), a ‘70 SF Fender Deluxe Reverb (1x12 & 22 watts), and a Marshall Astoria Classic (1x12 & 30/5 watts). I consider all three of these combo amps great.

My favorite is the Brown Vibrolux but I doubt that I would gig it, but my Astoria and Deluxe Reverb would great gigging amps.


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Redplate Magica will cover squeaky clean to searing lead. Mine is a one 12” combo but big iron isn‘t light. There really isn’t a genre it can’t cover.

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