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What is the heaviest amp you've ever had to lift?


Senior Member
Yes. It looks innocent, but this little amp is astonishingly heavy.
One of the reasons I sold it. Great amp though.

Honorable mention to my old Super Reverb in a flight case....
I won't sell this one though, clean tone straight from heaven.


Heaviest small package amp out there, no doubt. Great amp though, I agree. Had one for 15 years and wish I'd never sold it. Really didn't know how good it was until I tried about a dozen others. Might be the loudest 1x12 combo ever made.


Gold Supporting Member
I had a 100lb Boogie Road King 2x12 combo. Really great amp, but I ditched it because it was too danged heavy.

Dr. Tweedbucket

Deluxe model available !!!11
Fender twin reverb with EV speakers :cry: I had a Pinto hatchback and tried to get it in there without scuffing the tolex :messedup

Ampeg V4B head. That thing was a tank! I put my back out for two weeks with that pig.

Mesa MkIII 1x12 :fisticuffs

Marty s Horne

I worked with a bass player who had an Ampeg SVT with 16 10" speakers in 2 bottoms. The head alone would take out your back.


gibson goldtone 30-RVS ....sucker is like 85lbs

LOL, this is my current amp. It sounds incredible, running stereo effect's in the loop is glorious... but good god, it's way too heavy for its size. I guess those 3 transformers, and the 2 V30's are probably the reason why. A couple weeks ago, I couldn't find parking in front of the venue to load in, so I ended up a block and a half away. I figured if I just got the amp positioned right, I could make it those two blocks. My back hurt for a week after that. I have since purchased a fold up cart for those longer walks. Had to learn the hard way.

Since I've had it, I have schemed about switching the V30's out for a similar sounding neo speaker, and having a light weight pine cab built to replace the current clunker it's in.


Silver Supporting Member
76 Fender Super Reverb. Weighed 85 pounds. Bought it on ebay for a good price. The casters should have been a big red flag because I was expecting something in the 60s.


Was given their Gauss loaded twin for a gig at Disneyland in the 70's and needed to move it
I picked up the handle and one of the top sides of the amp came completely apart
Only time I ever saw a Fender cabinet break

Played a 100 Mark I with EV for years and it was a beast

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