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What Is The Official Fender Name For This American Stratocaster?

John C

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Actually this one might be a "American Series Texas Special Fat Strat" based on the single string tree.

The HSS model was called the "Lone Star Strat" from when it came out (in 1996 if I'm remembering correctly) until about the middle of 2000. In July 2000 Fender updated the American Standard series and began calling it the "American Series"; one of the changes between was the use of staggered-height tuners which allowed them to use one string tree on the American Series headstock.

At that point the "Lone Star Strat" name changed to the "American Series Texas Special Fat Strat" (or I could have the new name reversed a bit and it might be the "American Series Fat Strat Texas Special" - wish I still had a 2001-2003 Fender catalog to verify). That being said both versions have two Texas Special single coils and a Duncan Pearly Gates Plus. Check the serial number - I suspect this one will track to 2000 to 2003.


^^^...This,...But I have a bit of a problem with the p-guard of the guitar shown. The 'Hot Rod' series ('96-'00) was a venture between Fender, GC, and Lee Roy Parnell as it's endorser. when Lee Roy went back to Gibson, Fender changed the series name to one that went along with the new 'American Series' guitars they were coming out with.

Either way, in both instances the p-guard was a 'Vintage MOP' one, NOT the modern/bright MOP as shown on the above guitar. Also, the HRS Strat.'s, came with a (very nice) rectangular OHSC, as opposed to the molded OHSC on the latter issue. Both were made with very nice components, and offered in some CS finishes. I'm a big fan of both, and have owned more than my fair share,...as a matter of fact I have a 'Double Fat' from '03 (was the 'Big Apple' in the HRS).

Mine has been upgraded for a Pro session guitarist in Detroit, it was hand picked by a Fender Rep. for him and he replaced the electronics for Live play, recording, etc., it truly is a super nice Strat. that's a Blast to have. Tom
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