What is the point...

Feeler and testing the water threads?

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  • I don't get it

  • Are almost breaking the rules

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...of a feeler or testing the water thread? Is it an attempt to
list something and not have to list a price or stuff you want
to trade for? Does that make it a psuedo auction?

I just do not get it, it is either for sale or trade, period.
What is the point?


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It means I think I want to sell, but I doubt anyone will pay what I'm asking. Or maybe I'll see if someone wants this so bad they'll trade me something I like even better.

The world is not black and white.


Mike K

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It means that the person selling is having 2nd thoughts about letting it go. But if you are willing to pay more than it is worth they may do you a big favor and sell it to you.


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I think it could also be a way of seeing if someone will send them a PM with a cash offer. That way they can haggle a cash price via PM without putting an actual value on the gear in their ad since it is a TGP rule that you have to in a for sale ad.


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sometimes the potential seller really has no idea what something is worth, and no way of finding out, and so asks. in fact, i have two pickups i need help IDing i might post up later tonight that fit into that category.

that said, there are also plenty of posters skirting around emporium rules by putting up psuedo sale threads in the other subforums. yeah, that ain't cool. just report them if it sounds fishy.

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