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What is the WORST pedal for YOU that MANY TGPers think is great?


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I'll go first:

1. Klons and Klones
2. TS808 unless it is the ONLY pedal you use.
3. Dumble in boxes
4. Strymons (2 or more on 1 board)
5. Digitechs (in general)
6. Dods (in general)
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Magnets And Melodies

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I almost hate saying this... But I'm having less and less love for Empress effects. I find some of their pedals way overpriced for what they provide. Their superdelay's don't really hold up against a TC X4 delay which is a third of the cost right now in some stores. The reverb that everyone's going nuts about didn't swoon me much either.

I do love their compressor though. Nothing negative to say about that at all.


There are a lot of pedals that get praise here that I don't particularly care for, including most EQD, most Catalinbread and the BOSS HM-2. I'm not crazy for the Timmy either, honestly.


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For me it was the Strymon Blue Sky and Wampler Plexi Drive.

Both were one of the few pedals I tried that were just awful.

It's too competitive to make crap today, but I had such high hopes for these and they both were sent back the same day.

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