What is this pickup?


Hey all,

Wondering if you all can help with something. On a work trip right now and saw an unbelievably cheap Mexican Fat/HSS Strat at a Pawn Shop a few days ago. Figured out it was so cheap b/c it pretty much needed pretty much everything done to it. Frets, nut, setup, etc.

Anyway, bought it thinking it would be a great project and plugged it in a shop amp to find HB in the bridge sounded really good, much like the one in my Les Paul. Back at the hotel I opened it up and saw that none of the internals were stock. And the HB looked just like the one in my 1959 Les Paul back home, albeit MUCH newer. When I get home from this trip I'd like to open it up and compare the two, but to sum up, I don't think it is a real PAF pickup, it doesn't seem anywhere near old enough, and besides that, who would put such a pickup in a Mexican Fat Strat? So what else could it be? Did Gibson reissue these or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



57 classic, or any Burstbucker pickup, they all have that black sticker on the back of them.

Probably for that "vintage mojo" that the kids are on about these days.

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