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What is this top called?


Platinum Supporting Member
Holes were added by previous owner. Similar to the damaged Danocaster, this is a Reverb listing from a shop where the previous owner messed the guitar up. Apparently holes were added for weight relief. Was previous owner like 100 years old and feeble?

Why do shops buy this stuff?

Up for sale is a sweet 2013 Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro FX in Honey-burst. This is one of those guitars that simply is what it is. It has a factory Floyd Rose tremolo, dual aftermarket Seymour Duncan humbuckers and has nine holes the previous owner drilled for weight relief. Includes a gig bag.

Year: 2013

Model: Les Paul Plus Top Pro FX

Serial: 1310120280

Finish: Honeyburst

Case: Gig Bag

Weight: 8lbs. 4oz.

Condition: Uh...Good?

Modifications: Holes!

Comments: Sweet 2013 Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro FX in Honey-burst!


Tone is Paramount
Gold Supporting Member
Honestly, I was thinking about doing this to an old Burny LP std from the 70’s .. with the exception of covering the holes with those round screen Dobro caps with the silver ring. That guitar must weigh 11 lbs! My ackin back :eek: Was gonna call him Holy Moly :p
Can I borrow someone’s drill press?

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