What is up with the VHT Special 6. $180.00


From the clips i've heard it seems like a nice sounding amp but, unfortunately, its not for my style. Too spanky and chimey.


VHT is not the VHT of old. (Now Fayette-spelling?) And the company that owns the VHT name is a Chinese Investment Group that owns many Chinese Companies and they make these amp in China. that accounts for the low cost. And How they got the name from what I read, is the original owner put the name up against a loan and didn't repay it in time and lost the rights to the name.

Looks like they took a page out of Blackheart/Crates' book about nice low cost amps built to be modded.

I'm not dogging them by any means. I kinda hope it leads to a lot more great sounding less expensive amps. Time will only tell.

And time will only tell if they hold up!

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