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What is your "desert island" OD/Distortion/Boost pedal?


Gold Supporting Member
If you had to play the rest of your life with just one OD/Dist-type pedal, what would it be? Klon/Zendrive/Tubescreamer/OCD/RC/etc... Please answer from personal experience, not YouTube clips or message board praise.

I used to love my reissue TS808 until I got a ZVEX Box of Rock and realized how mid-dy my TS was. So now I think I'll have to say...

An MXR Boost/Line Driver.

Laugh if you want but with a good tube amp, this uncolored boost heats up my tone just right. I haven't used most of the high-dollar stompboxes many of you swear by, but I know even if I had a $10,000 pedalboard, this would still be on it. Best $99 I've spent in a long time.
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I'd pull a Flight of the Conchords "Camera Phone" and tape my OCD and Beano together to make a homemade quasi-Sunface and call it good.

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