What is your favorite American PRS model?


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Put a set of Thornbuckers in it.

I've got a set in my hardtail 2000 CE-22, and love it. It sounds very, very close to my 2000 McCarty with a 57/08 in the bridge and 59/09 in the neck.
That's what I currently have in mine: Thornbuckers. They're really great!


The best I have played/owned have been an early alder CE-24 and a CU22 Soapbar. I still have the old CE and on the hunt for another CU22 Soap.


Well, OP, you got 17 responses with 17 different ideas. So what's it gonna be?
Well, I'm leaning towards a pickup change. I'd like to get a more vintage vibe and I'm thinking that the 57/08's or the 59/09's may get me there. I used to have a Duncan custom custom in the bridge of my strat and in the bridge of a les paul. I always thought that would sound good in the PRS. But I like the idea of sticking with PRS pickups. Maybe McCarty Pickups?

I learned that there is a McCarty in a store near me. I'm going to try and check it out this weekend, reasonably priced. I really like the whole vibe, sound, etc.. of my Les Paul, but playing out with all night is heavy. I also play an HSS Strat during a gig which I like, but is second to my Les Paul. They both have their own personality. I understand that PRS's are considered the in-between of the two by a lot of guitarists, although I think they have their own thing going on, without the personality. If I could get a PRS a little closer to the Les Paul, I'd be more than happy.
I’m another big fan of the early alder CE-24. I’ve had several more expensive PRS guitars, but none I liked better than the original CE-24. I usually prefer 22 fret guitars, but didn’t like the CE-22 I had nearly as much as the CE-24.
1. Custom 22 (have owned one before, within reason $$)
2. Modern Eagle (have not and may never own one, grossly outside of reason $$$$$$$ :bonk :messedup )


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DGT. I have an artist model with a rosewood neck and an ebony board. It can hang with anything I have in terms of great clean and mean sounds.



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Years ago if someone would have told me that a 3 humbucker PRS would be the guitar of my dreams I would have thought they were nuts. But I had the (now discontinued Studio) for about 3 years and rarely play any of my other fancy guitars. It has an amazing amount of great pickup positions, plays effortlessly, is lightweight and has bit of an oddball quality to it so it doesn’t seem generic.


McCarty Rosewood is my favorite. Then a regular McCarty. Not that it matters, but I'm talking about the "original ones".

If I had or if one has the $$$ the original Modern Eagle is sick. As far as I know, its essentially a Dragon I without the Dragon inlay. Solid Braz-RW neck, satin finish and some great pickups.

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I had this '86 Custom where I changed the original Treble pu to a 59/09 :

I also had this '90 Custom 24 (Moon inlays) with early HFS and Bass pickups :

But I kept my best sounding (and playing) Custom 24 which is from '92.
Unfortunately it hasn't got the best looking maple top :

I also have a nice 513 that gives me a "Brian May-like" sound which I cannot get out of any other guitar I have :

So the '92 Custom 24 is my favourite followed by the 513.


The original Core USA-made Starla to me is the best thing they’ve ever done. Delicious in its simplicity and an absolute tone beast. Still a great buy now secondhand, despite the prices creeping upwards...


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Really tough question as there are many great ones, and although my core Cu24 AP is a classic and my go-to guitar, I somehow cherish my original Santana more because it's so damn special.



I'd suggest a DGT but when I found out it has a skinny neck; I'm out. Chunky or go home.

The Vela model is on my short list.

If you like LPs then get 22 fret PRS
If you like SGs then get 24 fret PRS as the frets set the pickup locations and that's key to tones (if not then all guitars would only have one pickup)

Really though, the bevel topped SEs MIK used are quite good guitars. You can always swap the pots & caps to push the pickup tones around. Pickup heights and screw pole adjustments are important too.


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