What is your favourite convolution reverb preset for guitar?


Hi all, i have been using SIR's reverb for a few days and i am amazed of the quality of this reverb, i used to mix vocals or lead guitars with my lexicon mpx 500 but i have to say that i found reverbs that sound as good or even better than my real thing.

Also Samplitude has a good amount of convolutive reverbs that sounds great, and i can even use my impulse library with it, anyway there seems to be a little bug with the room simulator so with my own library i prefer to use SIR.

To convolution reverb users: Post your settings, wav impulses for guitars, vocals, drums etc...



(but not a long plate, usually.)

Also some of the ambience/ER stuff works well. For the record, i'm not a big 'verb fan for electric guitar, in most cases.


I know plate reverbs are supposed to be a kind of "standard" for vocals and lots of other things but I don't care for them in general.

Samps RS has tons of great verb sounds but I really like just using the impulses in the ambient folder.

BC :)

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I'll use verb on electrics, but it really depends on the song.

I am fond of some of the halls for electrics, but I only mix in a touch - like 3% wet.

I tend to use more delays; again very very lightly.


I bought a German spring reverb on eBay that sounds fantastic on guitar. I see one for sale on eBay now from the same guys who sold me mine:

Spring reverb on eBay

Suggestion: make sure the wall wart they include is correct for your country. They inadvertently shipped mine with a 220V wall wart, but they sent me the right one as soon as it came in. Good guys to deal with and a GREAT spring verb.

The only minor hassle is that there's no power on/off switch. I keep mine in a 4-space rack with two similarly configured pieces connected to a power distributor, and turn on the whole rack as needed.

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