What is your minimalist (5-6) pedalboard?


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You know this was the thread that got me wanting to reduce my rig down to the bare essentials.... Now, I have 10 pedals and want to add more. Somehow this thread failed me.
Haha I know the feeling, same here...I get inspired by the idea of a minimal board, then next thing I know I've got ten pedals on there!

In fairness, two are a tuner and a looper that I only use for practice. Do utilitarian pedals count..?


Same here, when I moved from 80s - 90s rack systems and digital/modeling gear (over 25+ years of use) to all tube amp heads with a few analog pedals on the floor (just 5 years ago), I never thought to making such projects of building pedalboards that quickly got out of control and ending up far larger and heavier and pricy than they needed to be. I really intended from the beginning that they'd be made up of the bare essentials but then the bare essentials list began growing longer. My largest pedalboard that I ended up with which is no longer, was 24" x 12" with 16 pedals on it (I know there are others who even set up much larger ones), I crammed in everything I could where there was the smallest of spaces. I would look to find mini pedals of FX I never even used just to fill in the blanks so to speak. I will add that this never ending projects in progress were satisfying in that they kept me busy researching, reviewing, buying, trying, returning, such a wide spectrum of brands and models of FX available and whatever accessories needed to complete the boards; what goes where, which FX goes into which one first, how to neatly set them up where they spaced enough not to be clumsy when stomping on them, neatly connecting patch cables and power wires, are then making the board manageable and easily mobile...

Then a moment of pause just a few months ago led me to break all of that down and begin my project of streamlining them all to the ones I posted here earlier. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did this, my tone greatly benefited from it not to mention my back and aching bones as well, and quite probably my wallet too. However, I still consider myself a pedal junkie with lots of G.A.S. and often times find myself browsing online with the fear that I might just want to do it all over again!

Mike J.

Fulltone Clyde - RevivalDrive Compact - Custom Fuzz + switchable Octave. Sometimes there’s an MXR UniVibe after the Wah.
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Half my board:

Barbershop V2 >Green Rhino Mark II >Red Llama 25th >Diamond Compressor >Diamond Counterpoint delay>Boss TU-2 tuner.

I could play clean rythem, crunchy rythem, distortion and sustain leads using pick dynamics and edge of tube breakup.

Amp: Fender Pro Jr IV Tweed and Fender 1x12 ported cab and Cannabis Rex speaker.



I'm kinda rocking this....

TS Mini
One Control Sonic Blue Twanger
Black Secret
TS Spark Mini
Mooer Ana Echo
Mr. Black mini Reverb


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Tried to get rid of the Volante, missed it, went to a bigger board, didn’t really love it. So now back to my smaller board with 6 total pedals.

Biggest sacrifices were the Ditto looper and a true fuzz. But the Volante can handle loop duties and the Brothers can pull a decent fuzz and when I want the real thing I run them on battery anyway so it’s easy to toss one in front off the board.

Happy to have the Dark World back on my board, it’s my favorite reverb by far. Tried to get by with the Flint in place of it and Monument but I missed the dark ambient verbs I can get with the Dark World.

1 Korg Pitchblack
2 Mojohand Copperhead
3 Rev. Drivetrain or Ibanez SD9
4 Animals Car Crush vibe
5 Wampler Latitude or Edward the Compressor


First on the right side on the floor next to the board is a Dunlop Joe Gagan Chuck Levin's Big Chuck wah then goes on to the board with the EQD Black Ash into the Boss DM-2W into the Dunlop Phase 95 into the JRAD The Animal then off the board on the floor on the left side is the Tru-Fi Colordriver.

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