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What kind of footswitch is used on the Korg Pitchblack?

I recently bought a Korg Pitchblack, and I'm really, really liking the smooth action on its footswitch.

All of my other foot pedals with have very stiff and loud footswitches, but not the Pitchblack: it's almost silent and it's smooth as butter.

If I were to upgrade my other pedals, what kind of footswitch do I need to buy to get that Pitchblack mojo?


I'm afraid it's more complicated than just changing a footswitch.

The switch on the Pitchblack triggers a relay, which switches the circuit in and out, not like a real switch in most boutique pedals. Think of it as a remote, not a switch.

So you'd have to implement a relay circuit as well as getting the desired footswitch into your pedals, which honestly is more pain than it's worth.


Silver Supporting Member
So what about the switches used in some T-Rex and T.C. Electronics pedals? Some of them, like those on the Moller and TCE Chorus/Flanger, are soft-touch. What do they use?


Probably the same as Sean use in the Cusack designed Lovepedals. You know all the new ones with the "soft stomp".

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