what kind of marshall 1x12 cab am i looking for?


let me just say im no guitar player and don't know what i'm doing in terms of gear sometimes.

currently i have a marshall g 12 75s which i hate the speakers and a mesa 4x12 with v30s........

someone just told me i have way TOO MUCH power for my basement and i should buy the proper cab for my mini rec.

im going to buy the mesa mini rec cab sometime this year but for a marshall cab to use with my mini rec, what should i be looking for??

what year should it say what type???

what kind am i looking for besides it just saying being a 1x12 marshall with v30s???

i know the 1x12 marshall might not sound as good as the mini mesa cab with the mini rec but i still want a marhsall tone with it, the band i listen to uses marshall cab with rectifier on their first album

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