What Kind of Picks Is Everyone Using??


D'Andrea 351 1.0mm Formula Delrex

I can't buy them here. I have to buy them online and get them shipped from the USA. Which makes them super expensive
But they feel so darn good...

Things I like;
-Stiffness but not too thick
-The material wears out relatively easily, so after you break a pick in, it forms itself around your particular playing style - they still last a decent while however
-Generic sized fender pick - a great middle ground for all
-The material is non slip, and feels wonderful
-I've never known this pick to make the guitar to sound different. Attack is sharper than using fingers but still retains a warmth, clarity and precision
-Using these with D'addario 10-46's on 25.5" scale and dunlop 11's on 24" scale

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I'm on a Gravity / V-Picks / Dragon's Heart kick and I'm freaking out how much I am liking these things....
Totally changing how I play and pick for the better. Never would have thought...


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My tastes have been changing so I've been trying some new picks. I've settled on the Ultem G-Life picks. They have a grip coating on both sides that I really like. The Dean Miyako signatures and the ESP ultem are also pretty good. Both have a grip coating. The Ibanez Tritan picks are interesting. They look like acrylic but are made from Tritan and have a different response. The JTC pick is cool but I started favoring thinner picks. My old stand-by for years have been the Coelacanth ebonite picks made by my friend Endo Tomohisa.



Fender 355 (triangular) medium celluloid. For some reason they're the only ones that work for me for playing guitar - with one exception: playing acoustic I use a 346 shaped pick, very heavy, thick and smooth finished. I have no idea what brand it it is as it's so old the screenprinting wore off decades ago. I've tried lots of different picks (I even went as far as trying my sitar picks on guitar at one point!) and these two oddball choices are what work for me. I also play upright bass with a German bow so apparently I have uncommon preferences when it comes to interfacing with string instruments in general.
Fender Thin
Pickboy Vintage Classic
Dunlop Eric Johnson
Kennedy Center "punch out of a card" picks
Robert Goldstein (Urban Verbs guitarist, later worked at NPR) Memorial pick, distributed at a tribute show after he passed away
Snark - free pick that came with my Super Snark tuner
Eventide - free pick that came with my H9

Also had some agate picks I was messing with after reading splatt's posts about using them for "bowing" and other sounds. I'd like to order more but I'm afraid I'd lose those too.


I use the Dunlop Flow in 1.5 and .88. They're my favorite I've found, a bit bigger than a Jazz but with a similar point but a shape I find more comfortable. Also, solid grip.


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Picked up a pack of Ernie Ball Prodigy 1.5mm Standard picks a couple weeks ago and have been playing one non stop. It's like a Jazz III but a little bigger, a little sharper end, and beveled. A little brighter and crisper but not as clicky as an Ultex. Very comfy.

Sometimes I do like the Ultex Jazz III XL, it's a little more snappy. But this one's been fun.



I’m a simple man and will play with whatever so long as it’s not too floppy or thick as a Bible.

That being said, I tend to prefer Fender heavies or Dunlop Ultex 1.14s, but I like trying new/different stuff!

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