What Kind of Picks Is Everyone Using??


For electric guitars - Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm or the H3/M3 Tortex (the latter slightly better for me for playing pop music). Still have a few Jazz III and Ultex Jazz III just for practise since it resist a bit more. Did have a Jazz I with blunt point but found after a few years using them, I just turn around the picks above to get the same color.

For acoustic the H3/M3 Tortex or just the regular thin dunlop picks (in a packet), the latter sound great for fast strumming and stuffs.

Just use what you are comfortable with but take some time to experiment, do not totally change suddenly due to pick changes will disturb your live playing in an unexpected way if you are not use to them. Try out a lot of picks but this is what stick to me.


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I have a bit of everything
Exotic materials like metals, woods, shiney pink polished rock (or something used in cheap jewelry, bone, thick felt like material that is stiff.
Cheapo brand names
Blue chip
An old tortoise pick
That other brand similar to V pick who's name escapes me
From the 80s my world Rodam Power Picks

I pick one depending on my mood each time.

Miroslav L

Should I just stay with Jazz IIIs??

I've gone through several pick changes over a 30+ year period...heck, I even remember as a kid using the typical Fender tortoise "thin" picks...and then I slowly kept going up in gauge thickness...and for awhile there I thought I found the perfect pick with the Dunlop Tortex III, which is the standard size, but has the sharper Jazz III tip.

Of course...one day I had to all the way, and try the Jazz III "reds"...and while I liked the stiffness, they were a it weird at first because of their small size...but because I had been also using my fingers without a pick more and more...I thought maybe the Jazz III would be worth getting use to, since they were small and thicker, very much like the tip of my forefinger...and I very quickly got use to them, and that was it.
After that, I couldn't play anymore with a standard size pick, no matter the gauge...and I even tried the "intermediate" sizes that fall in-between the Jazz III and the standard...but no go.

If/when I use a pick now, it's the Jazz III...but TBH, I got so use to playing without a pick, just using my fingers, that now I only use a pick when I have to do very intricate stuff, or where I want more "pluck" in the strumming...otherwise I never even think "oh wait, where's my pick"...I just start playing with my fingers.

So if you need one...just stay with the Jazz III since you are already use to it...there's no going to the standard picks....and I've got about 20 different varieties of picks, in quantity, that I will never use.


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Early on in my playing I started with Dunlop Tortex and then went to the Ultex when those came out. Medium triangles & 1mm thickness for both. Somewhere about 5-7 years ago I changed to Clayton Ravens (also Medium 1mm) and have been with those ever since. It's the right shape, the right feel, and the right tone...for me of course. I've tried some other picks on a few occasions went right back to the Ravens.


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I see what you did there...
I imagine everyone of us here have a gabillion and 14 picks like I do.
I wish I was cool enough to have my own pick, named after me. I love my V-Picks, although there is not enough room on them for HeyMrTeleMan! :bonk:aok (Although an order for a gabillion and 14 picks would surely 'incent' the maker to fit it on, no?)


Fender Heavy Celluloid (or equivalent) - the absolute bread and butter of pickdom.

The only other specialized picks I use are Blue Herdims... as per The Edge of U2. Their particular array of "grip dimples" imparts a chimy rough edge into the tone - almost an overdrive sound without need for pedal/amp overdrive . They are also very good at getting Brian May tone, who famously only uses old British serrated sixpence coins.

I have tried with other serrated or dimpled picks, but they tend to catch and snag the strings unlike the Herdim picks.


I started using Herco Flex 50's about 18 years ago, and still use them. Bought a case at some point (1000? picks), not even through the first bag of 100 - those are the "Vintage 66's", which I like a tad better than the "normal" ones...

I use those 90+% of the time, for electric and acoustic.

Sometimes I do need a thick pick, though, and I still have some V-Picks, Jazz 3's (I like the carbons), and various mediums in "large triangle" shape. Actually have been partial to the Dunlop Primetone large triangle as my heavy pick, lately.


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On my electrics, V-Picks. Small, Pointed, Lite. Way more expressive than the Jazz III IMHO.


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Mainly Fender 347 heavy but occasionally a Herco for that "Rock Rasp".


V-Picks Medium Pointed. I used to switch around a lot but I found the MP several years ago any haven't looked back. I do also quite like the V-Picks 1980 but only occasionally, sometimes that ghost rim scrape hits the spot lol.


I use Dunlop Jazz III Max-Grip and the standard Max-Grip in 0.88 and 0.60 as well.

The Max-Grip is a game changer for me!


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I like the Fender "extra heavy" picks.
They offer also a very good grip, even if the surface is smooth. Maybe the raw material is slightly different from other picks I tried and try every now and then.


Dunlop tortex .88mm since 1988. I've not bought any others to be honest and only ever used something else while out at a store or a friends place and didn't bring my own.
It'd probably be a bit of a learning curve to use something else but after so long, why bother?:)


I go through phases, I only played v-picks for a couple of years for example, but I always go back to dunlop nylons in the end. 1 mm or 1.07 (I think, the blue one anyways).

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