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what miab for a boogie LSS ?

hello ! looking for a marshall in a box for my mesa boogie lonestar special 2X12 ... xotic sl or rockett animal ? or others ?
looking for ZZ top / led zeppelin, AC/DC, and other plexi classic sounds, no heavy metal needed ....
if the pedal can add the thump find in a closed back cab , it can bee cool ! (maybe i need some mdf to close my boogie ? anyone try that ?)

i already have a lovepedal amp eleven and a HBE full metal jackett, playing with a strat and a gibson R8.
(i'm french, sorry for the mistakes ...:bonk )


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It is once again time for my standard MIAB recommendation: Weehbo. Just pick the level of gain you want (JTM, JMP, JCM, JVM), then nab the corresponding Weehbo pedal. I'm guessing a JCM Drive would do ya' nicely.

I ended up with a JVM Drive, and it's simply phenomenal. You pay more (get one at Prymaxe at 15% off), but you get what you pay for. Huge, amplike sound. Very, very nice pedals.

EDIT: I just noticed you're in France. Weehbos are made in Germany, so you can probably find a French or German distributor.


Umm. With the right settings on the amp, it can do a pretty good vintage British sound. I had a Riot and ditched it when I got my LSS.

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