What neo speaker sounds closest to a Celestion Blue? Old Ampeg question.


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I have an old Ampeg Mercury that I ended up putting a Blue in - it sounds great in there. I ended up with another Ampeg and I'm playing it with the speaker that came in it for now. If I end up playing it out I'll want something more robust. I already know I like the Blue, but wondering if any of the current neodymium speakers would work well and maybe be close soundwise. Does the Celestion Neo Creamback sound anything like a Blue? The Ampeg normally sounds thick and middy, so I need a fairly articulate speaker. I guess I could just get another Blue, but they're not exactly cheap, and I worry a little about blowing it when cranked. I'd optimally like a Neo to make it even more "grab n go" friendly if possible. Another speaker I'm curious about is the Jensen Tornado - good reviews, but on the inefficient side.

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