What ODs are you currently using? How? Why?


So I jumped around different overdrive pedals for years and years, I probably only a grand total of 24, 25 of them. The Mesa Biggie TA15 were the only amplifier I had that ib used its own gain as the distortion, all my others have the "gain "channel set for med-low dirt that's pushed by pedals. This is mostly out of the fact that's a lot of those amps didn't have FCC loops, and I don't like how the gain sounds running delay and modulation going into the gain stage.
# side note; I run multi -amp setups, I'd have my wet signal b running into a warm, but mostly clean amp and a dry signal running into the overdriven amp.
Currently however I've b simplified my chain (relative to how I used to). I have compression-Keeley Red a dirt (TS mid Hump od to add cut) HoofReaper fuzz- EP. Booster-Timmy (sometimes, other times a TriBoost) - Keeley Luna od- Ethos overdrive preamp- amp (I have an A/B/Y to send the remaining delay, modulation, etc to either the front of an amp or through the FX loop of other amps.

I used to run everything through a warm, yet clean a amp, and use a Timmy (at the time a Tim) for my base dirt (it added dirt but not compression) then v added other dirt pedals for flavor. Now the Ethos took the place of the Timmy for that job.

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