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What other Fender Tweed amp do I need? And why?

Soul Man

Local 83
Gold Supporting Member
I need some Fender Tweed advice.

I have a:

'57/'62 Champ (chassis/cab)
'58 Harvard

If I were to add one more Tweed era Fender amp, what should I buy?

I'm not looking to own a closet queen, I would want one to play and to enjoy, even if the condition was questionable.

(This will be a "someday" purchase since I had to stow my rainy day pennies for a long time to buy these two.)



Listens to Johnny Marr, plays like John Denver
Silver Supporting Member
how about a tremolux? getting tweed with a bias driven trem going on is a nice combo.


If you want to stick with 6V6's, then a Deluxe would add a bit of power, and a Vibrolux or Tremolux would add a bit of power and tremolo. If you want something different, then a 6L6 model would be cool. What do you intend to do with it?


I would look for a Deluxe. They are getting a little pricey though. For short money you can pick up Danelectro's version of a Tweed Deluxe. They are in the $350 range which is damn cheap for a vintage PTP wired amp that frequently come loaded with it's original RCAs. They have mojo, that's for sure.


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