What out Timmys’ the Timmy?

Timmy is the belle of the ball for good reason. I say that as someone who owned a Timmy, went down a rabbit hole trying just about every other flippin' overdrive out there and now find on my board...a Timmy.

Save yourself some money, get a Timmy and know that there really isn't anything better out there for the criteria you mention in the OP.
I’ve tried some that do something really similar but always ended up keeping the Timmy.

One pedal that may be a little more versatile is the Barber Gain Changer. I sold it because my favorite sound was nearly identical to the Timmy. That’s a great one though.

Honestly, why not just grab one of the MXR Timmys to try out? They’re cheap and plentiful!

Edit: while I have not personally played one, I’ve heard the Fairfield Barbershop is worth looking into for this kind of sound. Maybe someone else can chime in on that…
Timmy! If I could afford two I would stack them, but I stacked my Timmy with a Steel String.. clean boost.. then Timmy… then boosted Timmy.. works great. If I want to get crazy, the Bear Foot can add more gain as well.

I’ve been down this rabbit hole for longer than I’ve been on TGP. The answer to your thread title is “nothing, unless you have the space and need for the boost section of a Tim.” Not even an “inspired by” (advertised or not) or a “but my company built a better” Timmy.

For my LOW GAIN spot, I also love the Greer Lightspeed, Benson Preamp, Honey Bee, every variant of the “AM XoT” pedal, and, and, and…for what they do, exceptionally well, but they do different things in different ways that I ultimately prefer the Timmy for 99.9999% of the time. And they’re totally different at the mid-to-high end of the gain range (as expected/advertised.)

So there are reasons to look at other pedals for things the Timmy can’t do. But if touch sensitivity and zero coloration really are your goals, I’m saving you years of headaches and possibly hundreds of dollars. Get a Timmy.
For me, it's the King Tone Blues Power, which was confirmed to be a Timmy after quite a bit of speculation.

What it has is the 3-way glass/warm/edge switch which adjusts the highs/bite/attack in various amounts BEFORE the clipping circuit, while the treble knob controls the highs after it like the Timmy. This, for my intents and purposes, provides more control over the high end which I find very effective and adds versatility in an intuitive way. I love the Edge setting. It spoiled me to the point where I now always feel like there's something missing whenever I use a Timmy through certain amp/guitar setups. The only thing about the Blues Power that I don't care for is the size. It could be smaller.
While I absolutely love my Tim v3, I never got along that well with my Timmy v3 (at home, at least, and running into my clean Suhr Bella amp; however, it’s been pretty in-the-pocket when using it live a few times). Instead, I’ve liked the Lyla Drive by MusicBoxPedals as a Timmy-based build that seems much easier for me to dial in and also works better with my amp/rig.

And I very much agree with the above-mentioned suggestions for the Lightspeed, Fairfield Barbershop, and Gain Changer (particularly the SR version… or really just the Barber LTD SR).

Here’s a great video that might be helpful, OP…

I have owned a Timmy a bunch of times, and I just don't like them into a clean amp. I don't find them very touch sensitive. I prefer the Red Snapper over everything for low gain, but I also would recommend the Gain Changer or Lightspeed over the Timmy. YMMV of course. You just have to try 'em all.
I’ve tried everything that everyone has mentioned on this thread so far. The only one that even compares is the Fairfield Barbershop and it still didn’t dethrone my Timmy. Been using a V3 for about a year after many years with a V2 Timmy.

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