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What overdrive/distortion pedal for mounted pickup archtop?


Here's the setup...
mounted pickup (P90 neck) archtop -> overdrive/distortion pedal -> clean amp
I am looking for recommendations in terms of a pedal that will add some rocking dirt (not mud) to this setup. Thanks!


I use a Klon, Box of Rock, and Zendrive. All sound excellent with a P-90 Guild X-550 through a Tweed amp.


Don't be put off by the name as its not a one trick pony but just demo a electro harmonix metal muff, honestly with the gain set at its lowest its a supsisingly sweet natural sounding pedal plus the added bonus of the top boost lets you either increase the volume slightly or depending how you set it add some extra treble. I know its not a cool boutique (sp?) pedal like all the other guys here have mentioned but it is a great pedal. Just ignore all the reviews from metal guys claim its a piece of sh*t as they probalby just turned everything up to max anyway.

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