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What overdrive pedal is similar to this?


I've been looking for a light overdrive to play stuff like The Gaslight Anthem, Gin Blossoms, and 90s alternative. I have a Maxon OD9 that covers my Tube Screamer bases, but I prefer it as a boost as opposed to a standalone drive. I've tried an EQD Palisades, Walrus Voyager, JRAD Archer, Archer Ikon, and Analogman Prince of Tone, but none of them have really scratched the itch (though I preferred the Voyager over all the others).

After doing some research, I've been VERY interested in the Dr. Z Z-Drive. It sounds kind of like the Voyager to me, but nit nearly as boxy. It's pretty expensive and I'd only really need the green channel. What would be a good alternative to get close to the green channel, but in a single channel pedal?


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