What pedal did you get for Christmas this year?


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Wife got me a Taylor Big Baby I'd been wanting! Also got myself a DIG and ordered a JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Seagull. Been a great year!


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Wife bought me a BlueSky Reverb. I have a Timeline/BigSky/H9 as my combo on my PT3 board that I gig for electric but lately I've been doing a few sets, and even a few signs within gigs on acoustic- I mentioned once a few months back that I wish I hadn't sold my BSR when I got the BigSky because I would love to use a BlueSky on my acoustic and keep the BigSky on my board.

My wife is so awesome. How she can be a full time nurse midwifery student and manage to scrounge away enough cash from our meager budget to do that without me noticing- she's a saint. Incredible woman. I'm so blessed.


My wife was being unusually supportive and interested in my pedalboard a few weeks ago... asked me what my favorite pedal was. Of course, I was gushing at her sudden interest. Boy did she pull one over on me:) But it was worth it, she made me a Christmas ornament of my favorite pedal!!! Also got me a coffee mug that looks like a guitar amp. I like.


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