What pedal is the one that always brings a smile to your face


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I'm still discovering all of the things my Attack Decay RI has to offer. :p


Also, I'm loving my new Keeley Fuzz Bender, but I'm still in the honeymoon phase.
You know, the sweetheart… the one you’d like to have a few of and can’t see ever giving up?
Was it love at first sight? Or did you wake up one day roll over in bed and look at it waiting and you just knew right then that it was forever…

Polygamy is allowed in this thread. I’ll post mine later if this takes off at all. I’m not spilling any beans on my own. Might end up p!ssin’ in my chili.
Seymour Duncan Forza (dozens of ODs have come and gone and this one still remains my #1), EQD Ghost Echo.


Moog MF-101, and the other MF's and minif's as well, but especially the MF-101. It's a real shame they stopped production, I'd want to double own them all! And the MXR Sub Machine, I guess that's my favourite fuzz.


Greer Lightspeed - it wasn't love at first sight though. But then she left me and I realized I couldn't live without her.
Admit it, you were the one who broke up with her, because you had a short lived fling with someone else who convinced you to do so, then had to beg her to come back to you (in reality the story is even more pathetic than that, you ultimately had to turn to bribing her with money to come back).
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