What pedals have you bought in 2020?


My tastes run vintage these days...
'78 MXR Dyna Comp (block logo, no LED). Original box & manual, clean, great price!
'81 MXR 6 Band EQ (still no LED nor DC jack). Original box, excellent shape. Not *quite* as good a deal as above, but not bad.


I just purchased my first couple pedals of the year, a used Digitech Death Metal and a used Behringer TS-800 Vintage Tube Overdrive (both like new and very reasonably priced). What pedals have you bought in 2020?
Radial Fullerton
Radial Texas Bones
TC Spark Boost
Carl Martin Crunch Drive
Carl Martin Rock Bug
Carl Martin Contour & Boost


I went a bit FX crazy this year...

Analogman Bicomp
BJFE Emerald Green Distortion
Boss DC-2 Dimension C
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Electro-Harmonix Freeze
Monster Effects Swamp Thang
MXR 6 Band EQ
Timmy v1
HOF Mini
Walrus Audio Fathom...

...and I just bought a second Deluxe Memory Man. :oops:


D. Redington

All except 5 were all obtained through trade.

Proco Fat Rat.
Proco Rat Blackface Woodcutter Lm308.
DOD Carcosa. (My Second)
DOD Gunslinger. (My Second)
DOD Bi-fet Preamp Fx10.
DigiTech Hyper Phase.
Boss Loop Station RC-2.
Joyo Vintage Overdrive.
Electro-Harmonix Mel9.
Electro-Harmonix Attack / Decay.
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Op-amp (Original V4)
+ A bunch of other junk not worth mentioning.
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Before money got tight for me I picked up a used mini tubescreamer and a whirlwind ab box. I also got an electro-faustas optical theremin which is not really a guitar pedal but it’s in my chain.


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Three pedals in 2020:
Two SiB Cudas (one with original box/ps/paperwork)
Sushibox Black Eye (Soldano GTO clone)


Recently, a Smart Belle 'Belle Fuzz', which is a great Tonebender MKII and has ended the fuzz search for me, and a Whirlwind Orange Box, which has alleviated all my GAS for the best Phase 90 I can get my hands on.


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My list is likely over 35. Its stupid. I sold a guitar and a few other things and made a conscious decision to support the industry I love and have so many friends in. I am good on guitars for at least another year or so and am mostly good on amps and cabs; I also have neglected pedals over the past 2-3 years and was stunned to see so many cool ones when I came back around to it. Most of it has been Fuzz. Just amazing fuzz out there IMO and I still want quite a bit more somehow.


Almost 2020...

Christmas Eve 2019 one of the local stores had 50% off pedals, so I bought an Animals Pedal Tioga Road Cycling Distortion (Rat), One Control Lemon Yellow Compressor and One Control Honey Bee. I also had a One Control Baltic Blue Fuzz in the mail.

Come the New Year and I get to plug them all in... what was I thinking?

The Tioga Distortion sounded killer in the store with a MusicMan Sabre and Supro Amp. Through my Marshall with a Strat or Les Paul... not so captivating.

I've had a Bearfoot Honey Bee before, and know it's a good circuit, but... I've already got my sounds covered and don't need more drives on my pedalboard. Or do I?

So... I sold them all and bought a Strymon Iridium. That one is getting a bit of use.

I realised the one pedal I missed was the Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe I sold in early 2019. Picked up another one of those early this year and all is right in pedal world. The seller offered a Tonebender clone for an extra $20 and that's hit the spot too.

Disclaimer: I actually really like the One Control and Animals Pedal pedals, just don't like accumulating pedals just to have them.


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I've gone, via trades and sellings-off, into the D-style rabbit-hole this year.

Howie (VK edition)
One Control Golden Acorn
Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

It always feels prudent to sell and trade, but when you end up with all heavy-hitters like this you realize that you've fallen into a classic trap!


Tried and flipped about 15 pedals this year, but what I bought and kept are:

Analogman King of Tone
Analogman Mini Chorus
EHX Switchblade Pro

I’m actually down a few from the beginning of 2020

Voodoo Soul Blues

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Wow....I haven’t bought a single pedal this year.......really enjoying the ones I have!
I am about to pull the trigger on a Rat (or clone) and an Alexander Space Race.
If this thread is any indication no one ever buys just one Rat though............
I see a rabbit hole in my future!


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Quarantine purchases...
Chase Tone Fuzz Fella
JHS Smiley
JHS Bender
EQD Park Fuzz Sound
Del Rey MKI Pro
Sola Sound hybrid Tone Bender
Super Electric MKI (on the way)
Mr Black Mini Chorus
Ibanez Mini Chorus
MXR Phase 95
2- pre mosfet Fulltone Fulldrive II


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Four. All home runs, thankfully.

Specular Tempus. Makes the whole board stereo.
Great dry through, delays and reverbs. It is the one
pedal on the board that is programmable and that I
allow myself to geek out on. American Loopers triple
switch makes it all very accessible and intuitive. Still
remarkably simple and small. All @ 100mA.

DSM & Humboldt Simplifier. Permits me to send stereo
to two tube amps, a 6l6 and a EL34, plus stereo to FOA
that is remarkably very similar to my amps response.
I also get to direct record in a ny minute. Sounds stellar.
All analog, and already tuned for all my amps and console.

Chase Tone Secret Preamp. End of mono line that hits the
Simplifier, out to ST, then stereo returns to Simplifier. 4C
method with patch cables a foot long; nice. Bright setting
gives me all that wonderful presence and high end that feeds
the ST's gorgeous reverbs and delays. Bacon grease for the tape
algo. The dry through gets the special sauce too, so it sits well.
It works well since the SP gets to see the input of an amp too.

Chase Tone Fuzz Fella. The absolute best fuzz face I've ever owned.
I always wanted slightly more from a great unit that was stolen on
tour decades ago, and I finally found my Beatrice. I have mine set
to explode, since it needs to be louder than my V1 Minstrel into Page
DS level, and this one has it in spades. Wonderfully articulate and
legible within that cacophony, and cleans up like a movie starlet.

All were priced well, excellent correspondence and service, and all during
the pandemic. My Simplifier even included Covid19 build paraphernalia.
GFI in Indonesia, DSM in Chile, The Sound Parcel for outstanding
service based on a simple query, and Kyle Chase at Chase Tone for his
personal correspondence, astute advice, and professional service.
All four have been christened with Dual Lock and sit at the high table.

I use one board for every occasion these days; performance, studio, home
recording, fly dates, rehearsals, at home practices, and all have to fit in a
PTJr sized decade old road and flight case. There are two spots that are
interchangeable for flexibility, and can be swapped easily, when I need a vibe,
clean octavia, etc., but I don't want anything larger than this footprint anymore.

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Last rehearsal exposed the need for my Suhr tremolo, besides just the trem
algo in the ST, which I love also, for two tunes that we do. So my original idea
of the secret preamp being under the board was revisited. I have disabled the
switch, from correspondence with Kyle, and it sits well next to power supply
with nary a hum or complaint. Both my HSS workhorse and tele use the same
settings. Hell, I ran my GS koa mini through this rig into my acoustic amp and
that sounded great too, but not a rabbit hole I am willing to crawl into presently.
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