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What Pedals Have You Bought in 2021?

None yet, but there is a used M5 on CL for $80.
It looks brand new.
I've been wanting a second one. Hmm.. temptations.
No..... Walk away, do not buy anything I tell myself.
Meanwhile I'm getting ready to drive to GC to buy some strings another guitar hanger for the wall for my other Schecter.


still waiting for 2020 purchases to arrive ...the USPS is having issues ..2 day priority is more like 2 weeks! ..maybe 3


This Is Fine.
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i have a friedman golden pearl and buxom boost set to deliver this week if thats close enough...


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At day one of the year I haven’t bought anything new yet but yesterday I pulled out some pedals i had put aside and am wanting to add them to my pedalboard. The problem is that there is not enough room so it would mean my making (or possibly buying) a new pedalboard which would require me to get a new case and a power supply solution and it would take up more of a footprint. Not sure yet but leaning that way.


Nothing yet. Key word here is yet! ;)

I currently have 2 pedals on my want list: Strymon Lex & Vick Audio 73 Ram's Head Fuzz

I'm wanting a few pedals to help me with some Gilmour/Pink Floyd tones, and I believe these two are essential. Maybe a couple more a little later on. I'm trying to exercise some self control.


Edited for update:

I just used the $100 in Amazon Gift Cards I received for Christmas to purchase the VA 73 Ram's Head Fuzz pedal. There were only 2 left so I went ahead and placed the order. Not a lot of self restraint, I guess, but it only cost me ~$45 out of pocket.
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