What power supply am I describing?


I want to create a small board for home and grab-and-go use. It's going to have 4-5 pedals. I have a Voodoo Lab PP2 on my main board and while I really like it, I'd like something in a smaller size with the following features:

- 5 or so isolated outputs

- Ability to switch between 9 -18v on each tap (this is the most important feature I'm interested in)

- The smaller, the better. Something around the size of the Iso 5

Almost every pedal I plan to use can be run up to 18v so I'd like to take advantage of that. None of them are digital so I don't need it so supply a high current on any of the taps. Does something like this exist?


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Cooks Schizophrenic. It has two taps that are 9/18V capable via DIP switches. Six isolated taps, two are high mA and the Schizo is also a LINKS PSU, so if you expand, you can add another LINKS PSU easily with an adapter.

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