What preamp tubes should I get for my Bassman?


I've only had experience with Chinese tubes in my Sovtek Mig50. They seemed to sound really fizzy on the top end compared to the tubes that were in it before. I wish i could remember what tubes were in before.
What tubes would you guys suggest for a '67 Bassman head? I want a thick dimensional tone that just fills. Good breakup, but I don't want to loose bass response. I'm not sure how much preamp tubes can effect this, but I'd love some suggestions!


I've got TAD power tubes and Sovtek preamp tubes. Seems like all the breakup is at the top end. Almost buzzy sounding. Not quite as warm and girthy as I would expect a Bassman to be.


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The TAD power tubes are probably okay. You need to get some OLD tubes ASAP. Your description of tone is exactly how newer tubes sound: buzzy, not warm, brittle etc... Get a mix of RCA, Sylvania, GE etc. Currently they are not too expensive on eBay compared to Mullard, Amperex etc. Use the Sylvania in V3 to start and mix them around. Run a different brand in each position. It will give you a fuller, fatter tone. Running all the same tubes will expose any weakness in frequency very quickly. If you run a cleaner tone put a 5751 or 12AY7 in V1 (first position)

Does the Bassman run 6L6GC tubes? If so, get some old RCA blackplates or Sylvania chrometops. You will probably need to rebias after swapping.

Good luck.
I have a hot rod deville, and the clean channel is near identical to a bassman's circuit. I recently retubed my deville with Mullard preamp tubes. They sound great.

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