What´s wrong with my 65 Amps London Pro?


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Or is it just not for me?

I bought the London Pro head half a year ago. It came with a slight mis-wire in the amp, which led to some voltage leakage through the jack input (made a popping sound when switching pickups on the guitar). This got fixed, and I haven´t used the amp much since this, until now.

Last week I moved in to a new rehearsal space, and I was finally able to crank the London and see what it was good for. My first thought was that it did not sound good at all. Not close to the Londons I´ve heard before in real life, youtube or any recordings. Secondly, it had this loud crackling sound when played. The biggest problem in my opinion though, was the non-satisfying tone, which is kind of hard to explain.

So, my questions are: Could problems in the amp cause drastically change in tone and character, and make the amp sound dull? And since there is this crackling sound, what might be causing it?

I´m really just tempted to sell this amp now, but I don´t want to pass on problems to the next owner.


Get in touch with 65 Amps. They know their products better than anybody here and have great customer service.


I had a 65 Amps Lil' Elvis and the Tremelo on it was incredible, very unique. But noisy as hell. I contacted 65amps, and they helped me trouble shoot it and paid for a local tech to make the adjustment, rather than having to ship it back and forth. No complaints about that customer service.

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