What song (s) would you play to prepare a woman for a night of romance?


Let me set the scene, its nine o clock on a Saturday night. The lady of your desires has come over for dinner.

Lets say you are even married and you have a rare special evening where the kids are at Aunt Ethel's place .

You are all alone and turn on the stereo system and its time to pick some music to put her in the mood for a evening of love making.

What is your choice of music ?

(and please nobody say Yngwie Malmsteen )

Wyatt Martin

I don't know what the answer is but if I tried that with my wife she'd be grossed out.

When I really want to gross her out I'll sing the opening lines of Kiss You All Over by Exile! Makes her think of 70s camaros and hairy chests and she'll vomit in her mouth.

So I don't recommend that song.

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