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What stacks well w/ a TIM ($100 & under used)


Silver Supporting Member
Just picked up a TIM (again)...it's the best OD I've ever owned. I'm looking for an OD to stack w/ it...last time I owned one, I had a COT 50 stacking w/ it. I didn't think this was the best combo. I rarely ever even used the COT 50 except when I wanted to go really heavy (at least for me). I'm mainly a jamband / funkster type.

So I'm looking for a good recommendation on something to stack w/ the TIM. I've got a really nice fuzz that's already gonna be in the mix (Diaz Squareface)...and that's as heavy as I'll need to go. So, I'm looking for something to match up well w/ the TIM, and just sort of give me additional tonal options.



Silver Supporting Member
Barber pedals can often be had for less than $100 used and they work well. Try a Direct Drive if you want a fair bit of gain and and LTD if less works for you. You may find that when stacked, the LTD really has quite a bit of gain actually.



if end up wanting to spend more cash down the road, the timmy/honey bee stack is pretty darn nice.

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