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What Style Of Music Do You Play On A Telecaster?


I recognize their distinctive corpsepaint designs from some videos. They don’t sound terribly Christian to me. I like Crimson Moonlight’s overt theological themes, cute tunes like The Dogma of Chalcedon. Give it a spin!


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I play everything I ever play on a tele.

Jazz, blues, rock, CCM, funk, country.


Suhr S-Classic, V60LP's, Soft V neck
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In a 9 piece Classic R&B/Blues Rock band. We cover Motown, Stax/Volt, Chess, small R&B labels that had regional R&B hits and early Atlantic R&B artists. We are always on the look out for unique and often come up with our own arrangement of this treasure trove of amazing songs. The Tele in my Avatar photo does the heavy lifting most gigs. Sometimes a Strat, but the set lists for this band have moved me away from my dual HB guitars, however the P90 Les Paul still gets the call from time to time.


I'm pretty sure you can play most any style music on any guitar...will it sound a little different, sure...but, I do it all the time. I pick on of my guitars and play the whole show on it, short of some sort of technical problem.


I have three Telecasters:

60th Anniversary US ash tele, FSR Guitar Centre, maple neck.

Squier Vintage Modified 72 Thinline, natural ash.

Squier Pro Tone Fat Telecaster, original OEM neck humbucker and SD Hot Rails, early version, nicely grained natural ash body and nice neck. It has upgraded tuners and custom built heavy bridge plate.

All are great playing guitars, which sound superb.

The guys, I play with use Les Paul's usually and the Tele will sound treblely in comparison and generally, is articulate in a mix. The last time, I brought out the US Tele, I was using a Barber Burn Unit EQ on the Dumble setting and could place the lead sound using, the volume and tone controls. One of the other guitarists had no experience with a Tele and Barber pedals and commented that he needed to get a Tele.

The VM 72 Thinline, has nice clean sounds and handles distortion very well. It is quite light and comfortable to play.

The Squier Fat Telecaster, is something that I had put away to fix because I thought it had grounding issues. I pulled it out last week and got it up and playing and was astounded, on how great it sounded with my new amp, a Pro Jr IV Tweed.

I was boosting it with the Fairfield Barbershop V2 and the previously, muddy neck humbucker, opened up with clarity. The SD Hot Rails has push/pull wiring for humbucker and single coil, giveing Tele twang.

The middle position, gives nice balanced cleans.

SD Hot Rails Tele bridge pickup, is hot for distorton and trebely for leads. I am really enjoying, playing this one.

If you don't have a Telecaster, you need to get one.



Alder body with maple+walnut top. Wanted ash, but the builder was afraid the B-Bender routing would splinter with his particular pin router.
You should post some clips I’d love to hear it especially if it has a b bender on it!


You should post some clips I’d love to hear it especially if it has a b bender on it!
I'll try to do that at some point. I also added a Rolling Bender on the G string, which is a palm operated lever. www.rollingbender.com This system installs easily and doesn't require surgery. It's great for quick and fast bends. Tricky for gradual bends because it seems to behave like a heavy trigger.

The B-Bender is the Hipshot variant. Excellent for gradual bends, but requires extensive routing and is extremely heavy. I probably would have looked at another manufacturer if I knew how heavy it would be.

Both can operate independently.


On a Tele, or any guitar, I play the music I am hired to play. It's a guitar, and not restricted by any musical style. Only the player is restricted, if they cannot play a given style on any guitar.

Of course, some musical styles lend themselves more to one type of guitar, but that is not the guitar's fault or problem.


I hesitate to use the term "play music" when speaking of myself, but I play the same stuff no matter what guitar I'm using.

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