What techniques from acoustic guitar playing do you incorporate into your electric?


TGP is mainly dominated with topics related to electric guitar, and all other "quieter" and "acoustic" driven instruments are left with no glory.

For me, in the 10 years of playing guitar, 8 of them was exclusively on the acoustic because I couldn't afford a proper electric and whatever gear. So I very appreciate the dynamics that is included with many acoustic players.

For example, I LOVE the danish singer-song writer Tina Dickow. Mainly because her chord structure is extremely simple (granted, she cheats with a capo) but it sounds incredibly complex. For example, for a simple G chord, she finger picks in a folky pattern but accents certain ones with the pinky shifting just two frets up, thus making the chord sound completely different.

What influences do you guys have and what particular techniques do you use?


TL;DR - - - I use flamenco techniques basically on electric.

Long version - - -
I didn't intend to become a guitar player. Started on bass. Had better guitar players around me for most of my early life, and I was happy playing bass, singing, songwriting.

But I was in undergrad, I had a music scholarship but was, frankly, better than that bass instructor they had. So I took other lessons, piano, guitar...

The guitar teacher however was a phenomenal flamenco player. So the only formal guitar lessons I've really had were from a flamenco player.

Fast forward to moving across country to a town with just fewer musicians total, I became relatively one of the better guitar players in my, admittedly obscure, genre.

The other hitch here is that I lived with a roommate who lost all my picks all the time, so I never got great at using a pick. :p


I personally use a hybrid approach using a thumbpick and moving between fingerpicking and flatpicking. I use this same approach across acoustic, electric, and my bass VI. So, I basically try to learn as many picking, chords, and techniques as possible and then try them out across all the instruments in the exact same way. Then, keep what works on the particular instrument. So, acoustic feeds electric style and Bass VI style, and vice versa.

Never understood why some people seem to approach each instrument totally differently.


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My story is pretty simple, I think the OP is looking for more detailed techniques--I finger pick a lot more on electric than I did before I started making it a point to play acoustic. I'm just as comfortable picking up a guitar and playing it without a pick as with one. There are still certain things I need a pick for, and I don't really want to completely give it up, but fewer all the time.


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Play piano for phrasing.....rhythm cluster chords, transition chords chromatic turn around's......
Plain chords suck 75% of the time.
Play against jazz modal music for your own style development.


High pitched feedback. Just kidding, a lot more dynamics and cleaner finger picking.
Cleaner "jazz" or as my friend says "adult" chording. Acoustic (at least for me) reveals every ugly little flaw.

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