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What tuning is this?


Im not able to leave comments in youtube land since they made their latest change, when I try , another window tries to open, then closes, not sure if adblocker is killin it or my AVG so I cant ask the OP, but Id like to mess with this tuning, but as a noob to slide, and not having that good of an ear, I dont have a clue what tuning this is other than "low" from the description. Great tone by the way!!



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the youtube link led me into old joe walsh instructional vids, which are awesome!

at first you think he's joking, then you think he's hammered, then you realize that's just how he talks; get past all that and you realize he's dropping some real pure gems about the whole gestalt of rock guitar and especially slide guitar, how the simplest components come together to make greatness.

(oh yeah, the dumble sounded amazing, rich sizzling highs over fat, boomy, even loose lows, beautiful if you work it right but probably wretched if you don't.)

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