What was your first tube amp


Original 5150 2x12 combo. It was super heavy and very loud (and quite noisy, definitely needed the Rocktron Hush I had it paired with at the time). It did sound lovely though.


Peavey Bravo 112, 2x EL84 bought in 1991. Owned many since but still have it and still sounds great, very underrated Marshally sounding combo.
Fender Musicmaster bass amp, which I did not appreciate at the time, mainly because I was actually trying to use it as a bass amp. Also, it shocked the crap outa me several times.


Reverend HH_1.jpg

I forget how/where I got this amp. Reverend Hellhound 40/60 with a 4-10" speaker cab. Not long after I joined this site and started on my search for a great amp. Basically a hobby that I enjoyed for about 6 years. This was a great amp but its sale allowed me to buy the next amp, and the next amp allowed me to buy the amp after that. lol

These days I have two ss amps. A Line 6 Amplifi 75 which is collecting dust right now and a Positive Grid Spark 40 that I really enjoy.

My favorite tube amp was an Orange Rocker 15 combo with a 10" Orange speaker. If I ever dip my toes back into the tube amp world, I'll be buying a Rocker 15 Combo.


What was your first tube amp?

Mine was my Mesa boogie that’s gone for “refreshments”

Before that I was using a traynor gd15r or dg15r ? And briefly a peavy kb60 before I got the mesa View attachment 531229

When I bought my first electric back in 1972, I used my brother's silver face Fender Bassman. Don't know what year it was but it sounded good. A few months later I saved enough to by a used blackface Fender Showman amp. Again, have no idea what year it was but, it sure sounded sweet. It looked like the one below. The cabinet had two 15" gold signature JBLs. Really made my strat sound fat.


Here is an example of a Sears Silvertone amp I purchased new in the mid 1960’s. This is a grab pic of the web.

Interestingly, I played this very loud with a lot of reverb and blew the amp not long after getting it. Sears quickly replaced it.



This is my 1965 Danelectro DM-25, and it was my very first amp ever, tubes, of course. I bought it after saving up my paper route money and buying it (new) through my guitar teacher after taking lessons from him for a few months. IIRC, it cost me only about $65. Anyway, I actually still have it. (If you're not aware of it, the head actually tucks inside the cab within a designed space made to fit it. Ha, I even would carry it like that, with my guitar in the other hand, to band practices across town back in the 9th grade.) OMG, this amp took me through SO many gigs back in the day—that and my long-since-sold Harmony Rocket. (And then later my ES-335—also bought new with my paper route money. I still have that, too, but that's another story.) Here'a a photo of my DM-25, with the original footswitch, too, sitting next to a rather retro-inspired Cort Sunset II. About 10 years ago, I had a tech go over the entire amp, and he brought up to "new" specs after replacing several old, wilting tubes, but besides that it's all original, inc the 12" Jensen speaker and spring reverb tank. It still sounds great after 57 years, even if my tastes these days do tend to run towards more, um, overdriven territory.

Danelectro Amp & Sunset - small.jpg

Danelectro Amp & Sunset CU - Small.jpg


Those are pretty obscure, to say the least.
That was your first tube amp?:eek:
Yep. I never thought I’d even see one much less own one. Its a five year wait for a new one. So i grabbed it. Its not super crunchy at high gain. Clean all the way up. I use pedals for that.


Peavey Classic 30. Bought in '93, I still own it. It's actually currently my only tube amp. Would love to scoop up a PRS HDRX after the car is paid off (Just bought the car last week though, rofl.)


A 1975 SUNN Model T Head running a 4x12 Slant Marshall Top (with EVM-12Ls). Prior to that I played a Yamaha SS 100 watt 4x12 combo, prior to that some version of SS Peavey (probably a Bandit). Prior to that whatever $30 bought me at Woolworths in 1968? (I don't remember the brand) But moving up from 100 watts solid state to 150 watts all tube, was an ear opener! I remember my best friend had a Marshall 1/2 stack, and I left him in the dust with it... loll


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I bought this half stack used when I got my first job making ok money. Felt like an enormous achievement to own a real tube amp.

Ended up selling the cab to Guitar Center and the head on here recently, and I have no regrets. These days I go direct into a UA Ox for home recording, and I'm playing heads that suit my styles (metal and country) better.

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for this little orange amp even if I couldn't make the tone work for what I wanted.

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